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Automation refers to an array of technologies to control and monitor processes without human intervention. It replaces tedious, repetitive manual work. In this space, we will explore how automation is revolutionizing manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities, operations, and lately, information technology.

warehouse automation

7 benefits of automatic warehousing for small businesses

We are in the future we have been watching in movies. Slowly, robotics is becoming an integral part of our lives and affects how...
Smart Manufacturing

Standards and regulations for Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem

In today’s emerging society, where everyone wants to carry his business with high earning and yield, it is difficult to build a smart manufacturing...
smart factory

Benefits of the smart factory in Industry 4.0

The manufacturing landscape is changing at a breakneck pace. The rise of smart digital technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI),...
artificial intelligence

AI and automation in HR: A quick guide for our future workforce

Human resource is one of the essential parts of any business or organization. Out of all the parts of a company, this one deals...
3d printing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – Different techniques

Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing is basically a process that adds some materials to the previous surface via different deposition techniques that lead...
Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – Top research papers

Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing introduces a novel production method in design, manufacturing, and distribution to end-users. This technology provides great freedom in...
smart factory

Implementing an IoT platform in a smart factory – Three approaches

Transforming a legacy manufacturing unit to a smart factory is the new trend in this age of digital disruption. A smart factory creates an...

6 tips for automating your firearm production line

When it comes to running a firearm company, precision and quality are key. Remember that firearms are used by various armed forces, usually put...

The Underworld of Sneaker Resellers – How automation works!

It’s no secret that some people are crazy about sneakers. There are avid collectors out there paying a lot of money for limited-edition models,...

How automation is pushing the boundaries of drug development

The development stage in pharmaceutical manufacturing can be one of the most expensive and critical in the drug development value chain and is often...