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Automation refers to an array of technologies to control and monitor processes without human intervention. It replaces tedious, repetitive manual work. In this space, we will explore how automation is revolutionizing manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities, operations, and lately, information technology.

office automation

Office automation – How does it transform work?

Automation refers to a wide variety of technologies that eliminate or minimize the need for human intervention in operations. This covers business process automation...

Top 10 comprehensive fleet management software for productivity

Knowing the location of your fleet, when maintenance is due, and how to cut down on trip time and fuel expenses is crucial to...

5 parking automation tools that will change urban planning

One of the most crucial features of urban planning is mobility. Congestion in urban areas is rising as the number of vehicles, primarily cars,...
mobile robots

4 reasons why companies prefer mobile robots in warehouses

With the rapid development of e-commerce and e-grocery, more companies require automation in their warehousing and logistics chain. Warehouse automation aims to automate inventory...

Six myths of robotic process automation and intelligent automation

Process automation is nothing new; businesses have always sought ways to boost productivity and foster expansion. Process automation on a large scale probably started...

A complete guide to workload modeling using RPA

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be defined as a software tool that is used to complete repetitive and structured tasks without any intervention from...

Robotics and automation in plastic injection molding

Industrial robots are widely utilized in the plastics sector in all production phases, including activities connected to injection molding, driven by the constant desire...

Robotics, automation, and importance of Slip Rings

Robotics and automation are two very similar terms that are used interchangeably, but there are small differences, yet both industries benefit from using slip...
Order Management

5 advantages of an Order Management System

An order management system aims to manage the partnerships, people, and procedures needed to fulfill orders. An integrated order management system has endless advantages for...

Solarwinds: IT Operations And Automation Made Simple

IT teams are constantly looking for ways to improve IT processes and make them more efficient, and automation is often the best solution. Instead...