250 research papers and projects in Face Recognition – Free Download

Face recognition technology has become part of our daily lives with the growing demand for personal authentication on apps and services on the web. It is a popular methodology today to automatically verify a person by matching his digital image with a database of images.

A branch of biometrics to identify users, face recognition prevents misuse or unauthorized use of services and information in a fight against a growing number of cyber crimes like credit card misuse and computer hacking or security breach in organizations.

Used in a large number of applications in HCI (Human-Computer Interface), security, robotics, entertainment, and games, facial recognition brings immense advantage to the companies and end-users, helping them enhance their security and track down the trespassers.

It replaces other security methods passwords, PINs, sharp cards, plastic cards, tokens, keys, and so on. Passwords and PINs are hard to recall, while cards, tokens, scratches, etc. can be lost, disregarded, purloined, or duplicated.

In this post, we list the top 250 research papers and projects in face recognition, published recently. Feel free to download. Share your own research papers with us to be added to this list.