Best walkie talkies for your three-year-olds: Guidelines to follow

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Walkie talkies are in high-demand with children as they covet phones that they see adults use. Kids love to play with walkie talkies as they help them communicate between distant places. Playing games become more interesting when walkie talkies are included.

Besides, having a walkie talkie for your three-year-old is incredibly useful to prevent them from feeling left out when everyone else seems to have a communicating device. Having one that appeals to your children is even more important to keep them occupied and happy with their’ toy.’

When buying walkie talkies for 3-year-olds, it is essential to search thoroughly through guides such as to make sure the item is worth your money. There are several things you may want to consider. These include but are not limited to eye-catching design, useful but not complicated functions, the right size, and durability as 3-year-olds will not be as careful with the device as older children.


The designs of children’s walkie talkies are probably the most essential aspect of the walkie talkie to keep in mind. This is because 3-year-olds do not care about the functionality and usefulness of the device as it is merely a toy. Therefore, you should try to attract their attention by buying a product with bright colors or happy faces/characters that the child may relate to.

This Paw Patrol Chase & Marshall Walkie Talkie is an excellent example of an exceptionally well-designed walkie talkie for 3-year-olds. It is eye-catching and appeals to 3-year-olds that may recognize the cartoon characters from the television show ‘Paw Patrol.’

Ease of functionality

Having easy to use walkie talkies are hugely important. This is because children often get bored and lose interest very easily. If the product is too complicated, it may appear as a boring toy for a 3-year-old, it may not be used.

This KOMVOX Children’s Walkie Talkie is a excellent example of an easy to use a walkie talkie. It has straightforward, minimal buttons and not too many of them either. This makes the toy more exciting and engaging and promotes children’s use of devices easily and safely.


As mentioned earlier, this is incredibly important when considering purchasing a walkie talkie for a 3-year-old. This is because they are more likely to be careless with it and therefore need something that will last despite accidents such as falls.

This TekHome Kids Toys for 3-6 Year Old’s is an excellent example of a walkie talkie that is very durable. Due to the rubber parts of the exterior, the walkie talkie would be able to outlast many falls as it acts as a cushion around it. In this way, the walkie talkie is one of the best for 3-year-olds.

Considering aspects of the walkie talkie such as design, ease of functionality, and durability will help you find the right product to keep your child occupied and happy. Children often see a walkie talkie as their first proper, personal communicating device, so it helps to have the perfect one.