Do’s and don’ts of flying drones legally and safely

You need to understand the whole set of things before you start flying drones as a hobby, for fun or to take air photos because drones can cause safety concerns that can have severe consequences for the pilot. To help all your drone fliers out, we have a complete list of things that you need to remember before flying drones.


  • Ensure that the drone is safe (not damaged) and fit to fly safe, before takeoff.
  • Fly your drone in daylight (after sunrise to before sunset) and in good weather (no clouds or fog). Good weather not only lets you fly your drone better, but also keep track of it in the air.
  • Fly in Visual Sight Line (VLOS): Always within your drone’s visual range.
  • Before flying your drone, make sure all operational aspects are clearly understood.
  • Keep an eye on interference from mobile devices or blockage of signals.
  • Respect others ‘ privacy. Avoid taking photographs or videos without permission or flying over private property.
  • Keep local police informed about your drone flying activity. If the cops ever approach you, provide all the necessary information.
  • Log your flights and intimate authorities (like DGCA, local police, etc.) of any incidents/accidents.


  • Don’t fly over 90 meters above the ground.
  • Don’t fly a micro drone above 200ft (60m) from the ground.
  • Don’t fly a drone near other (manned or unmanned) aircraft.
  • Don’t fly near an airport, heliport or aerodrome for less than 9 km.
  • Don’t fly your drone over populated areas or groups of people, public events, stadiums, festivals, and firework shows without permission.
  • Don’t fly over 150 meters from people, animals, buildings, structures, or vehicles.
  • Don’t fly near moving vehicles, highways, bridges, busy streets, or anywhere you might endanger or distract drivers.
  • Don’t fly over government facilities, military bases, prisons, or no-drone zones.
  • Don’t fly over private property without permission.
  • Don’t drop or transport dangerous material.
  • Don’t fly drones under drugs or alcohol.
  • Don’t fly from a moving vehicle, ship, or aircraft.