Global AI landscape – Which AI startups are leading the way?

One of the most disruptive technologies of our times, Artificial Intelligence (AI), holds the power to transform our lives in ways we never anticipated. It can produce and destroy businesses, rebuild financial and operating models, and create new winners and losers in both advanced and emerging economies.

With commercial uses for AI proliferating, the global race to fund, develop, and acquire artificial intelligence technologies and startups is intensifying.

The rapid market growth and growing popularity of machine learning, intelligent applications, and AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) or AI-Platform-as-a-Service (AI-PaaS) validate the new excitement and willingness to invest in AI technologies.

Investments are being made today by the world’s largest companies and governments alike. Everyone sees AI as a global economic competitiveness-increasing capability that could have an enormous influence on the global economy and workforce.

There are many estimates of total global AI spending, investment in AI startups, and impact on the future economy of AI technologies. Most assessments agree that the US and China are investing the most, with EU members looking to catch up quickly. More than 51 percent of the studies expect AI investment to increase by 40 percent by 2022 to almost $80 billion.

In a recent effort, RS Components has taken a look at the global landscape of AI, mapped where all the AI startups are, and looked at the countries getting the most funding for their AI companies. They assessed how AI is used within businesses, and which companies are leading the way.

Top countries receiving the most AI funding

Their research suggests that startups operating in the US account for the majority of AI startup equity investments worldwide. The startups received over $345 million US dollars last year, with AI companies in the US accounting for 65% of that, followed by startups in China who attracted over $45 million. Take a look below at how the other countries are receiving the most funding for AI.

Rank Country Total AI startups Total funding
1 US 178 $224.4M
2 Israel 46 $3.5M
3 UK 41 $5.4M
4 India 34 $2.2M
5 Canada 25 $825K
6 Germany 23 $553K
7 Netherlands 17 $684K
8 France 14 $4M
9 China 13 $45.2M
10 Spain 10 N/A

From the charts, we can see that the United States is leading the way in financing for all startups, hitting a massive $224.2 million with the total funding. As far as the countries with the most AI startups are concerned, the United States also came top in 2019 last year with 178 AI startups, Israel cames second with 46 AI startups, and the United Kingdom cames third with 41 AI startups. Notably, in 2019, $10.7B was invested in AI startups.

Which AI startups are leading the way?

Now the question is which AI companies are leading the way, and which companies generated the most interest? The report mentions more than 600 startups, but we at RoboticsBiz has shortlisted the 50 AI startups that received the most funding.

Name Total Funding (USD) Description
ArsenalBio 85000000 A programmable cell therapy company
Vianai 50000000 Provides enterprise artificial intelligence solutions.
CODE42.AI 26800307 A TaaS company that develops an urban mobility operating system (UMOS).
Navigator 12000000 An AI- enabled assistant designed to help teams work and communicate more efficiently.
Pearl 11000000 A computer vision company focusing on solving challenging problems in the dental industry.
Celona 10000000 A networking platform for enterprise 5G.
Evolv Technology 10000000 An autonomous optimization platform for the digital era.
Graviti 10000000 An artificial intelligence data service platform dedicated to growing into a one-stop AI data service platform for storing.
Shanghai AI 9000000 Develops artificial intelligence software for the e-commerce industry.
Vocalis Health 9000000 Develops AI platform to enable healthcare.
Edgematrix 9000000 Focusing on AI processing at the edge.
Supremind 8185153 A Chinese AI-based video big data analysis company.
Agerris 6500000 A field robotics and AI start-up based on technology created at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics.
Fiture 6000000 A smart household fitness equipment brand.
RealityEngines.AI 5250000 An AI and machine learning research startup.
Trace Data 5000000 Helps companies understand, monitor and secure their data.
Soteria AI 5000000 Developing the next generation of artificial intelligence.
Vannevar Labs 4500000 Builds products for most critical national security problems.
Yunwen Technology 4500000 An AI company developing customer service robot.
Shentong Wanma 4469606 A big data artificial intelligence company
OctoML 3900000 A computer software company.
Scalez 3100000 Builds conversational AI platforms for personalized expert advice experiences.
Edgecortix 3000000 A deep- tech startup automating ML-driven hardware design for an intelligent distributed edge ecosystem
Aive 2762437 Creative AI for video creation and distribution automation 2400000 A Strategic Finance Platform that helps you run your business more efficiently.
ChAI 1863661 Predicts commodity prices with AI on Alternative Data to mitigate price volatility for manufacturers. 1620000 Builds a parametric insurance for anything.
m1neral 1600000 Builds the first all-in-one transaction management platform for oil & gas minerals and royalties.
3XR Inc. 1500000 Empowers brands to enhance their online experience with engaging 3D content.
Syncari 1500000 A Distributed Data Management (DDM) platform.
Zhongke Haoyin 1447366 A voiceprint AI solution provider.
Nebuli 1360000 Turns existing machines and applications into super- smart robotic coworkers.
Pactum 1150000 An AI-based system that helps global companies to autonomously offer personalized, commercial negotiations on a massive scale.
ArtiQ 1125980 Develops AI- based software to help doctors save time & improve interpretation of lung function tests & diagnosis of lung diseases.
Flowlity 1120000 A SaaS software using AI to synchronize your Supply Chain planning with your suppliers and customers.
Kzas.AI 1025714 A platform that matches real buyers with real properties with assistance of conversational AI simplifying from the search to notary.
Myelin Foundry 1001795 A deep technology startup.
Kurvv 1000000 Provides data science as a service 1000000 Specializes in AI-driven integration, AI-driven analytics, and RPA.
UnoLigo Solutions 1000000 An omnichannel bot-based customer transmigration platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.
AHEAD Medicine 870000 Focusing on AI enabled diagnostic and disease assessment tools to blood cancer treatment.
Niumengmeng 839009 A beef cattle AI aquaculture service provider.
Terraview 820843 A SaaS- based global image processing startup.
Zhifubao 726654 An AI intelligent repayment terminal.
Yiwu Market 700000 International trade platform for consumer goods based in AI
Skyqraft 675500 Provides autonomous aerial infrastructure inspection.
COUTURME 650000 An AI-powered custom dress designer online, starting with bridal and formal gowns.
BlackDice 640964 A machine learning software for device management and cybersecurity.
Lumilinks 607927 A marketing platform to maximize data value while preserving people’s right to privacy.
9signals 573075 Integrates Artificial Intelligence with Graph Technology to structure, search, analyze, and enrich data.