Makeblock’s mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit: Transforming STEM education

MBot2 Rover Robotics Kit

Makeblock, a leader in STEAM education technology, is set to launch the mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit next week, with an exclusive exhibit at the ISTE 2024 Expo.

Designed for a range of skill levels from beginner to advanced, this robotics kit combines the mBot2 and a transformative add-on pack that turns the mBot2 into a versatile Rover.

This article delves into the comprehensive features and educational potential of the mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit, exploring how it can inspire the next generation of engineers and coders.

Unveiling the mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit

The mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit is a 2-in-1 package that includes the mBot2 and the Rover Robotics Add-on Pack. This kit transforms the mBot2 into a rover, perfect for kids who enjoy building and exploring. With the add-on pack, children can enhance their robot with off-road capabilities, grasping features, customizable expressions, and color recognition.

MBot2 Rover Robotics Kit

Key Features and Customization Options

The mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit offers an array of innovative features designed to stimulate creativity and logical thinking:

  • Customizable Design: The kit includes metal plates and claw positions that can be adjusted. It can connect with over 30 electronics and LEGO bricks, allowing children to create a variety of robots and STEM projects.
  • Personalized Customization: The included backpack and XCS drawings enable users to personalize their robots using xTool laser cutters, adding a unique touch to each creation.
  • Dynamic Expressions: The 1.44-inch HD CyberPi screen allows for vibrant, customizable expressions. Kids can program Rover’s screen to display different emotions, enhancing the interactive experience.

Enhancing STEM Learning

The mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit is a valuable tool for educators and parents aiming to boost STEM learning. It’s designed to evolve with the child’s learning journey, starting with block-based coding and progressing to Python programming. This scalability ensures that as students’ skills grow, they can tackle more complex projects, deepening their understanding of coding and robotics.

Educational Scenarios

The kit is versatile enough to fit into various educational settings:

  • Classrooms: Educators can integrate the Rover into their coding curriculum, starting with basic block-based exercises and advancing to Python programming. This progression helps enhance students’ coding proficiency.
  • At-Home Learning: Parents can engage in parent-child projects, fostering bonding and exploration of STEM activities. The self-paced nature of the mBot2 Rover empowers kids to navigate advanced programming concepts independently, promoting autonomy and confidence.

With multiple expansion holes and LEGO brick compatibility, the kit invites DIY enthusiasts to unleash their creativity through endless customization possibilities.

Experience mBot2 Rover Firsthand at ISTE 2024

Makeblock’s booth at the ISTE 2024 Expo, from June 24-26, will showcase the mBot2 Rover. Visitors can experience the kit firsthand and participate in an exciting giveaway. By sharing a photo of their visit on LinkedIn or Facebook with the hashtags #Makeblock, #XTool, and #ISTE2024, attendees can win an mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit or an M1 Smart Laser Engraver.

Comprehensive Product Overview

Unboxing and Setup

The unboxing process of the mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit is an engaging introduction to robotics. The kit includes all necessary mechanical parts, screws, and tools. Assembly is straightforward, taking less than an hour and suitable for children aged nine and above with minimal assistance.

MBot2 Rover Robotics Kit

Robust and Educational Design

The mBot2 is not just a toy but a durable educational tool made from sturdy aluminum and plastic. Its sensors and modules open up a world of creative possibilities, including:

  • Ultrasonic Sensor: Detects obstacles and helps the robot avoid collisions.
  • Quad RGB Sensor: Detects colors and light levels, facilitating environmental interaction.
  • Encoder Motor: Provides precise movement for complex programming tasks.
  • Gyro Sensor: Maintains balance and stability.
  • Voice Commands: Allows the robot to respond to vocal instructions.

The CyberPi Advantage

Powered by CyberPi, a versatile single-board computer, the mBot2 offers enhanced connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This integration makes it ideal for IoT projects, real-time data collection, and remote control. The 1.44-inch full-color display on CyberPi aids in data visualization, crucial for understanding complex data science projects and AI applications.

Programming Capabilities

The mBot2 supports various programming languages, including mBlock, Scratch, and Python:

  • mBlock: A beginner-friendly coding platform using block-based coding.
  • Scratch: Widely used in schools, offering a bridge between beginner and intermediate coding skills.
  • Python: Provides a deeper dive into programming for advanced users.

Curriculum Integration

The mBot2 excels in integrating into STEM and STEAM curricula. It can teach robotics, sensors, motors, programming, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and engineering design. This holistic approach develops computational thinking skills, critical and logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Software and Compatibility

The mBot2 is compatible with mBlock 5, a block-based programming software available for free on the Makeblock website. The Makeblock App, available for iOS and Android, allows for wireless control of the mBot2 via Bluetooth.

Troubleshooting and Customization

Comprehensive tutorials and troubleshooting tips help users configure the mBot2 with their PC, ensuring smooth operation. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows for creative programming, from simple movements to complex tasks.


The mBot2 Rover Robotics Kit is a potent educational tool with substantial potential. Its robust design and versatile programming capabilities make it an excellent choice for educators, parents, and young robotics enthusiasts. Despite its learning curve, the benefits of the mBot2 far outweigh the challenges, offering a compelling blend of learning and fun. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or hobbyist, this robot unlocks a world of technological wonders for the next generation.