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Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning provides systems the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. This section focuses on new trends, predictions, computer models, and algorithms used in various applications, such as email filtering and computer vision.

machine learning

Top 8 challenges in implementing machine learning models

Data plays a fundamental role in just about all of our lives. A massive amount of digital information, called big data, is rapidly generated...

Data anomaly detection – Complexities and challenges

A data anomaly is a point or sequence of points that deviate from the normal behavior of the data. Anomaly detection is a process...

Machine learning will be a reality in three years

According to a new survey by ACCA (the Chartered Certified Accountants Association), 63% of respondents in Singapore believe that machine learning will become a...

Dimensions (attributes) of data quality and their examples

Data is the primary resource for all organizations to gain better insight into their business and market and make operational and tactical decisions faster...

Machine Learning in Physics – The power and promise

Our ability to generate and analyze large data sets has increased dramatically over the last three decades. This “big data” revolution, spurred by an...
sports injury

Wearables in sports – Injury prediction and tracking for athletes

Personal injuries are too common for both amateur and professional athletes worldwide. Yet, according to studies, a staggering $33B was spent treating sports injuries...
scientific research

Machine Learning (ML) in scientific research

Processing large amounts of data generated in scientific fields such as particle physics, astronomy, biology, physics, medicine, the life sciences, and more is part...
computer vision

How computer vision is shaping the future of marketing

Visual content is a primary canvas for marketers to tell stories that influence their consumers. Videos, images, and everything between (and beyond) dominate websites,...

7 simple reasons to shift your machine learning project to cloud

In areas such as customer support, fraud detection, and business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning are continually making their way into business applications....
anomaly detection

Pros and cons of anomaly detection techniques

Our recent post about data anomaly detection explored various supervised and unsupervised techniques commonly used to identify intrusions and non-authorized activities. This post will...