Top 5 AI chip-making companies leading the smartphone market

The smartphone market is evolving rapidly. New AI chips are being introduced into the latest smartphones, putting the power of neutral networks in your hand.

They are now flaunting features once exclusive to desktops and PCs — such as advanced operating systems, advanced processors, and chips based on AI. Tech giants like OnePlus and Xiomi, among others, are now bringing in the operations and features that were once only available in high-end phones. If we take a closer look at today’s smartphones, most use ultra-tiny processors.

In this article, we will talk about top 5 AI chip-making companies leading the smartphone market.


Qualcomm has been a world leader offering smart mobile devices and using AI to get the best insights into the future. They’re in the AI-based mobile platform’s third generation. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform can run directly on the smartphone without cloud access. It also announced Snapdragon 855, its next-generation processor, at the latest Sna


This leading smartphone maker has chips like the A12 Bionic, the first 7 nm smartphone chip with 6.9bn transistors. It boasts a neural engine and a GPU, claiming to be 50pc faster than last year’s A11 chip, which can process 5trn operations a second. With its system on a chip (SoC), Apple can be one of the world’s leading AI-capable chip markets. It had earlier developed 11 Bionic system-on-chip, used in iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It is a two-core hexa-core processor optimized for performance, 25% faster than the A10 Fusion processor. Apple’s AI chips feature graphics processing unit and a Neural Engine that accelerates artificial intelligence.


This Chinese smartphone maker got Kirin 980, an artificially smart chip with a seven-nanometer processor. It is seen as smartphone’s next-generation processing technology. The company’s recently launched Mate 20 smartphones flaunt this AI chip, becoming Huawei’s first device to have the world’s first 5G-ready 7 nm AI chip. It would telephone higher intelligence


The Taiwanese chipmaker works extensively to bring unique and new AI capabilities to smartphones. Its Helio P90 chipset, launched at an event in Beijing, is one of the company’s latest processors offering great speed. It flaunts the new dual-core APU and AI accelerator, the company’s new AI hardware. The company plans to release it.


Samsung is one of the latest to introduce next-gen mobile system-on-chip (SoC). Called Exynos 9820, its phone Galaxy S10 was expected to embed it. It launches a dedicated NPU to handle smartphone AI functions on the device. The latest AI chip is quite faster than its predecessors and can perform tasks like image recognition, transmission, etc.


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