Top 9 commercial cloud monitoring tools in 2023 [Updated]

cloud monitoring

Cloud monitoring is an automated process to manage, monitor, and evaluate cloud computing architecture, infrastructure, and service. It plays a key role in supporting efficient management of various cloud operational areas, including account management, SLA management, service/resource provisioning, and fault management.

An efficient cloud monitoring tool improves the overall performance of the cloud. It reduces the complexity of management by monitoring all QoS parameters, resources, and events and performing dynamic configurations of the cloud.

This helps manage the performance of the cloud, especially when consumers adapted mission-critical services or scientific applications. It also helps perform smooth operations of the cloud, such as accounting and billing, SLA management, service/resource provisioning, capacity planning, configuration management, security and privacy assurance, and fault management. This post will explore some of the most popular commercial cloud monitoring tools.

1. Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service primarily for users like developers, system operators, site reliability engineers, and IT managers using Amazon Web Services. It lets you view and track metrics of various components, cloud resources, and applications running on Amazon AWS, such as Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes, Elastic Load Balancers, and Amazon Relational Database System instances. The CloudWatch also has the visibility of crosswise applications, infrastructure, and services, resolves the issue by troubleshooting techniques, and improves resource utilization and a unified operation and activities. You can use it to set alarms, store log files, view graphs and statistics, and monitor or react to AWS resource changes.

2. CloudMonix

CloudMonix is an enhanced cloud monitoring and automation solution for Microsoft Azure Cloud. Its live monitoring dashboard provides monitoring and troubleshooting services for both cloud and on-premise infrastructure. This unified platform offers enterprises a live dashboard that simplifies the visualization of critical metrics produced by cloud systems and resources and keeps a tab on IT infrastructure performance, availability, and health. The dashboard has predefined reports such as performance, status, alerts, and root cause reports. The interactive dashboard allows for real-time troubleshooting and provides deep insight into the stability of complex systems. CloudMonix automates recovery processes, delivering self-healing actions and troubleshooting infrastructure flaws.

3. CA Unified Infrastructure Monitoring (UIM)

CA Unified Infrastructure Monitoring (UIM) is a single, analytics-driven solution for monitoring various integrations supporting modern, hybrid cloud infrastructure providers and services, including packaged applications such as Office 365 and tools like Salesforce Service Cloud. Available for SaaS and on-premise models, targeted at enterprise customers, this unified tool allows you to monitor the performance of your hybrid cloud, services, applications, and infrastructural elements like switches, routers, and storage devices. It adopts AI techniques to provide intelligent analytical reports, broad coverage, and extensible, portable architecture. It proactively checks the performance of the cloud and accessibility to confirm that the clients are active and in succession.

4. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is an application intelligence monitoring and cloud-based network monitoring tool that monitors operational understanding, application performance, user experience, and business influence. It can improve cloud application control and visibility in critical IaaS/PaaS platforms like Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and AWS. AppDynamics is more focused on large enterprises, offering the ability to connect application performance metrics with infrastructure data, alerting, and business-level metrics in both a software as a service and on-premise model. It supports Java, PHP, .NET, and Node.js programming languages and helps in monitoring various business transactions.

5. New Relic

New Relic is a software-as-a-service observability solution that covers the entire stack. Its goal is to manage complex and ever-changing cloud applications and infrastructure intelligently. It can provide you with detailed information about how your cloud applications and cloud servers perform in real-time. It monitors applications in one place, which helps in viewing error rates, page load, slow transactions, and a list of running servers. It monitors database performance by executing dynamic SQL queries, creating customized Dashboards, and setting its own alerts and warnings when an error arises. Mobile, web, and server-based application performance monitoring with rich dashboarding support, distributed tracing support, logs, and real user and synthetics monitoring for top-to-bottom visibility are among its monitoring capabilities.

6. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a popular choice among IT and DevOps teams looking for advanced analysis and automated incident resolution tools that work with NewRelic and AWS clouds. The tool has more freedom in customizing the parameter and alert mechanism. Its enterprise-level incident management and reporting tool connect seamlessly with various tracking systems, giving you access to advanced analytics and broader visibility. This all-in-one alert and notification management and centralization solution not only helps reduce incidents but automates incident response, schedule on-call, and escalate incidents. It provides dashboards with various alert-related information like operations, service health, responders, and incidents with customization capabilities.

7. Bitnami Stacksmith

Bitnami provides various cloud monitoring tools for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform cloud infrastructure services. Bitnami services assist cluster administrators and operators in managing Kubernetes, virtual machines, and Docker-based applications. The monitoring tool makes multi-cloud, cross-platform ecosystem management easier. Bitnami achieves this by providing platform-optimized applications and infrastructure stacks for each cloud platform. Bitnami is simple to set up and use, with an interactive interface that makes it even easier. Bitnami Stacksmith features make it simple to install multiple stacks on a single server and uses an artificially intelligent algorithm to boost cloud performance.

8. Microsoft Cloud Monitoring (OMS)

Microsoft Cloud Monitoring (OMS) is a group of cloud-based services for handling the on-premises and cloud settings from one single place. The tool supports all the OS Platforms to run the tool and handles all the internal account managing responsibilities, providing more visibility and control across the hybrid cloud. If you run your applications on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cloud Monitoring can help you keep track of your workload. It monitors applications, analyses log files, and detects security threats to provide you with immediate insights across your workloads. It has built-in cloud monitoring tools that are simple to use. They provide a complete picture of the utilization, performance, and health of your applications, infrastructure, and workloads.

9. Datadog

Datadog is a Saas monitoring solution providing an extended set of features to monitor your cloud infrastructure, applications, containers, network, logs, or even serverless features such as AWS lambdas. Datadog began as an infrastructure monitoring service, but it later expanded into application performance monitoring to compete with New Relic and AppDynamics. This service easily integrates with hundreds of cloud applications and software platforms, allowing you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the speed and functionality of your modern apps. You can also use Datadog to analyze and explore log files, create real-time interactive dashboards, share findings with teams, and receive critical issue alerts. The platform is simple to navigate and provides stunning visualizations.