Top cyber security experts to follow in 2024


In the vast and ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, staying informed about the latest trends, threats, and solutions is crucial. Fortunately, there are numerous distinguished individuals whose expertise and contributions make them standout figures in the cybersecurity community. Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional, an enthusiast, or simply someone interested in safeguarding digital assets, following these experts can provide invaluable insights and guidance. Here’s a curated list of top cybersecurity experts you should follow to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

1. Dani Woolf (@thedaniwoolf)

Dani Woolf has dedicated herself to overseeing digital marketing and demand generation for B2B technology startups. Through her agency, Audience 1st, Dani specializes in customer-centric growth strategies, particularly for cybersecurity firms in the growth stage. Her objective is to streamline go-to-market processes, enabling cybersecurity teams to gain profound insights into their target audience and foster genuine connections.

2. Rinki Sethi (@rinkisethi)

Rinki Sethi is an accomplished leader and executive known for her expertise in online security infrastructure. With a rich career spanning Fortune 500 companies like IBM,, and Palo Alto Networks, Rinki has been recognized for her outstanding contributions. Her expertise in product security, security education, and security operations makes her a valuable resource in the cybersecurity community.

3. Chris Roberts (@Sidragon1)

Chris Roberts brings a wealth of experience to the cybersecurity domain, having served as a CISO and Senior Director at Boom Supersonic. His role as a vCISO and advisor for various organizations worldwide underscores his commitment to driving innovation and security in areas such as threat intelligence, identity, cryptography, and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Gadi Evron (@gadievron)

Gadi Evron has authored two books on cybersecurity and actively contributes to industry publications. He has effectively managed large-scale incident responses across the Internet, facilitating coordination between law enforcement, governments, and the private sector during critical cybersecurity incidents.

5. Adam Levin (@Adam_K_Levin)

Adam Levin’s four-decade-long dedication to cybersecurity, privacy, and personal finance has earned him a national reputation as an esteemed authority. As the founder of CyberScout and a co-founder of, Adam is committed to consumer advocacy and protection.

6. Dr. Alissa Abdullah (@dralissajay)

Dr. Alissa Abdullah, also known as Dr. Jay, is a distinguished cybersecurity leader recognized for her visionary approach to IT strategy. With a PhD in Information Technology Management, she has held prestigious positions in both the public and private sectors, demonstrating strategic leadership and expertise in cybersecurity.

7. Mikko Hyppönen (@mikko)

Mikko Hyppönen has been working at F-Secure since 1991 and currently acts as their Chief Research Officer. Renowned for his insightful views and discussions on Twitter, Mikko is a prominent figure in the cybersecurity community.

8. Graham Cluley (@gcluley)

Graham Cluley’s extensive experience in IT security, coupled with his strategic insights, makes him a trusted source of information on cybersecurity issues. His blog and Twitter feed provide valuable updates and analysis on breaking news and cybersecurity trends, making him a valuable resource for individuals and organizations alike.

9. Katie Moussouris (@k8em0)

Katie Moussouris is well-known for creating the Bug Bounty program at Microsoft and advising companies and governments on vulnerability disclosure. Her expertise and experience in cybersecurity policy make her a valuable asset to the cybersecurity community.

10. Jeremiah Grossman (@jeremiahg)

Jeremiah Grossman is Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne and a professional hacker. He has written several books on cybersecurity and is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity events worldwide.

11. Brian Krebs (@briankrebs)

Brian Krebs is a former Washington Post journalist known for his investigative work on cybersecurity. His blog, KrebsOnSecurity, provides in-depth analysis of cybersecurity issues and breaking news.

12. the grugq (@thegrugq)

the grugq is a respected security researcher known for his expertise in forensic analysis of cybersecurity threats. His insights and analysis on Twitter provide valuable information for the cybersecurity community.

13. Robert M. Lee (@RobertMLee)

Robert M. Lee is a founder of the industrial cybersecurity specialist company Dragos Inc. His expertise in industrial cybersecurity makes him a valuable resource in protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

14. Melissa Elliott (@0xabad1dea)

Melissa Elliott is a professional application security researcher at Veracode. Her expertise in application security makes her a valuable resource for organizations seeking to secure their software.

15. Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog)

Bruce Schneier is one of the most respected cybersecurity experts in the world. His insights on security issues and technology make him a valuable resource for the cybersecurity community.

16. Paul Asadoorian (@securityweekly)

Paul Asadoorian is the CEO and founder of Security Weekly, a platform for information security podcasts and events. His podcasts provide valuable insights into cybersecurity issues and industry happenings.

17. David Ulevitch (@davidu)

David Ulevitch is the General Manager for Cisco’s security business. His expertise in cybersecurity and privacy makes him a valuable resource for organizations seeking to enhance their security posture.

18. Runa Sandvik (@runasand)

Runa Sandvik is the Senior Director of Information Security at the New York Times. Her expertise in technology, law, and policy makes her a valuable resource for media organizations seeking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

By following these experts on various social media platforms and staying updated with their latest contributions, you can stay ahead of emerging threats, gain valuable insights, and contribute to a safer and more secure digital environment.