Top robotics research institutions and labs in Austria

Last month, we saw a list of top robotics research institutions and labs in Spain. In this post today, let’s look at the top robotics research institutions and labs in Austria.

ACIN at Vienna University of Technology

The faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Automation and Control Institute (ACIN) is a member of the research group AUTCOM (Automation and Computer Technologies) at the Vienna University of Technology.0 The institute focuses its primary research on industrial automation, cognitive robotics as well as in modeling, optimization, and control of complex dynamical systems, in order to solve challenging practical problems in close industrial collaboration.

Complex Dynamical Systems Group (CDS) at ACIN specializes in the research on modeling, simulation, analysis, optimization, and control of complex dynamical systems. Its primary goal is the design of the closed-loop behavior of a system in view of an improvement of the dynamic properties, accuracy, robustness, reliability, and flexibility. Furthermore, it aims to increase the productivity and the overall equipment efficiency (energy, resources) as well as to reduce the product costs, e.g., by minimizing the number of sensors.

The Group for Industrial Automation at ACIN delivers research and education in precision engineering, scientific instrumentation and process measurement systems, as well as industrial automation and control systems. Its particular focus is on industrially relevant applications. It aims towards the development of an integrated systems design approach with theoretical and advanced control methods for industrial production, automation, and measurement systems.

The Vision for Robotics (V4R) at ACIN works on machine vision methods, enabling robots to perceive structures and objects that robots act in and learn from everyday situations. Its core expertise is safe navigation, 2D and 3D attention, object class detection, and affordance-based grasping and manipulation.

IIS at University of Innsbruck

The faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics Institute of Computer Science Intelligent and Interactive Systems (IIS) at the University of Innsbruck focuses their research on the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, and robotics,

Some of its other focus areas include adaptive perception-action systems, image and video analysis, robotic interaction, perception for grasping and manipulation, and the psychology and biology of perception.

Its research methods allow the robot to learn about objects, their functions, and purposes and how to manipulate them, and mostly focus on perceptual aspects, linking perception to symbols or directly to action. It also works on the on-the-fly construction of 3D object models useful for object detection, recognition, pose estimation, and manipulation, as well as the exploratory acquisition and refinement of object-specific grasping skills.