Wearable military technology – Four new wearables for soldiers

The nature of warfare has changed considerably over the years. The landscape of the conflict is evolving with an increasing number of both conventional and unconventional threats from terrorists, guerrilla groups, non-state actors, etc. The presence of intelligence gathering mechanisms is a must both at the strategic and tactical level to address any form of conflict. It requires soldiers and infantry commanders to enhance their interface with command and control (C2) applications, with other force members and external sensing assets, to increase situational awareness and combat effectiveness.

Expanding its newly-launched warrior combat suite “DOMINATOR”, Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems has come up with four new wearables for soldiers that can seamlessly integrate with radio systems and Battle Management Systems.

Displayed at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), the world’s leading defense and security event, they include SmartEye – a head-mounted C2 display; Smart WristView – a wrist-strapped C2 display; SmartSight – a C2 add-on to weapon sights; and SmartNVG – a C2 add-on to Night Vision Goggles (NVG).


SmartEye is ballistic eyewear that provides dismounted commanders with a geo-oriented head-mounted C2 display. It projects a see-through Augmented Reality (AR) symbology on the visor and enabling real-time image detection. SmartEye provides users with instant situational awareness. It interfaces with multiple visual sources, including weapon sights, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and input from reconnaissance units.

Smart WristView

A compact, low-power, rugged wrist-strapped C2 display, Smart WristView provides warriors with a quick and convenient view of operational data in combat situations without altering weapon’s hold, further enhancing situational awareness and team-level C2 capabilities.


SmartSight is a C2 add-on to most present-day and night weapon sights, projecting see-through AR symbology, laser rangefinder data, and a compass onto the soldier’s weapon sight, significantly improving target acquisition capabilities and combat effectiveness.


SmartNVG is a C2 add-on to most existing NVGs providing superimposed AR navigation and operational symbology on any vision imaging system, significantly improving effectiveness in night operations. SmartNVG is compatible with both HDMI and Android.

The complete DOMINATOR warrior suite also includes the recently launched SmarTrack – a situational awareness system for dismounted forces in GPS denied environments.