400 research papers in Artificial Neural Network – Free Download

An artificial neural network (ANN) typically refers to a computational system inspired by the processing method, structure, and learning ability of a biological brain.

It acts like a real neural network because it simulates how biological neurons act in the human brain. By learning to recognize patterns from data, an artificial neural network can anticipate and solve dynamic and complex human problems in real-time.

An artificial neural network is trained in a supervised or unsupervised manner. In supervised learning, the network is trained by providing input and output data samples to get the ANN to provide a desired output from a given input. Unsupervised learning allows ANN to “understand” the structure of the provided input data “on its own.”

In this post, we have listed 400 recent research papers and projects for those who are interested in Artificial Neural Networks. These free, downloadable research papers can shed lights into some of the complex areas in Artificial Neural Network such as Speech, Emotion and Image Recognition, Identification, forecasts and predictions, Neural Network Language models, cancer and brain studies, regression, sentiment analysis, simulations, sensors, robotics, acoustic models, deep neural network, etc.

Feel free to download. Share your own research papers with us to be added into this list.

Speech, Emotion and Image Recognition


Forecasts and predictions

Neural Network Language Models

Cancer study

Brain study

Regression and neural network

Neural Network Algorithm