70 research papers and projects in robotics – Free Download


Historically, robots were invented to take on tasks that were repetitive, menial, and even hazardous. They were designed to make life easier and safer for humans, particularly in industrial applications.

In 2013, something significant happened, and it changed the entire course of the robotics industry. Google launched its robotics division and started to acquire a series of robotics companies, including Boston Dynamics, expanding the company’s investments in robotics.

Investors started looking at it and thought if Google is investing a large sum of money, there should be something going on. This triggered a whole chain reaction of investments around robotics on a global scale, resulting in a boom in the popularity of robots in applications in advanced manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, construction, healthcare, etc.

In our recent post, we listed over 500 free, downloadable research papers and projects in robotics, which can shed lights into the some of the complex areas in robotics such as navigation, motion planning, robotic interactions, obstacle avoidance, actuators, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, etc. Today, we publish another set of 70 papers to expand our list. Feel free to download. Share your own research papers with us to be added to this list.