500 research papers and projects in robotics – Free Download

The recent history of robotics is full of fascinating moments that accelerated the rapid technological advances in artificial intelligence, automation, engineering, energy storage, and machine learning. The result transformed the capabilities of robots and their ability to take over tasks once carried out by humans at factories, hospitals, farms, etc.

These technological advances don’t occur overnight; they require several years of research and development in solving some of the biggest engineering challenges in navigation, autonomy, AI and machine learning to build robots that are much safer and efficient in a real-world situation. A lot of universities, institutes, and companies across the world are working tirelessly in various research areas to make this reality.

In this post, we have listed 500+ recent research papers and projects for those who are interested in robotics. These free, downloadable research papers can shed lights into the some of the complex areas in robotics such as navigation, motion planning, robotic interactions, obstacle avoidance, actuators, machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, nano robotics, social robotics, cloud, swan robotics, sensors, mobile robotics, humanoid, service robots, automation, autonomous, etc. Feel free to download. Share your own research papers with us to be added into this list. Also, you can ask a professional academic writer from CustomWritings – research paper writing service to assist you online on any related topic.

Navigation and Motion Planning

Robotic Interactions

Obstacle Avoidance

Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence

Probabilistic Programming


Collaborative Robotics

Mobile Robotics


Nano robotics

Social Robotics

Humanoid robot

Cloud Robotics

Swarm Robotics

Soft Robotics

Service Robotics

Cognitive Robotics








Defence and Military

Space Robotics

Other Industries

Future of Robotics / Trends