Best Youtube channels to learn cloud computing


Cloud computing has become an essential skill for IT professionals, and learning it can open doors to exciting opportunities. While numerous resources are available, YouTube provides a unique and accessible platform to kickstart your cloud computing journey.

Here’s why YouTube shines:

  • Free and Accessible: Unlike paid courses, YouTube offers a wealth of free cloud computing content, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious learners.
  • Visual Learning: Cloud computing concepts can involve complex visuals. YouTube’s video format allows creators to effectively explain these concepts through demonstrations and screen recordings, enhancing understanding.
  • Diverse Content: With a vast library of channels, you can find content tailored to your specific learning style and preferred cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP etc.).
  • On-Demand Learning: Learn at your own pace and convenience. No fixed schedules or deadlines – you can revisit specific sections or explore different channels as needed.

Top YouTube Channels to Explore:

1. Cloud Computing Full Course In 11 Hours by Edureka: This comprehensive course covers cloud computing fundamentals, deployment models, service models, and popular platforms like AWS and Azure.

2. Cloud Computing Full Course by Simplilearn: Another comprehensive option, this course delves into cloud concepts, architecture, virtualization, and security, preparing you for cloud certifications.

3. Cloud Computing Full course by MyGreatLearning: This in-depth course offers a practical approach, guiding you through cloud infrastructure, services, and hands-on exercises.

4. Cloud Computing Tutorial by University Academy: A beginner-friendly channel offering clear explanations of cloud computing basics, different platforms, and their functionalities.

5. Cloud computing tutorial for beginners by kudvenkat: This channel provides clear and concise tutorials on various cloud computing concepts, making it ideal for those new to the field.

6. AWS Full Course by Simplilearn: Focuses specifically on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud platform. This course covers essential AWS services, storage options, and security best practices.

7. Cloud Computing Online Training by TutorialsPoint: Offers introductory and advanced tutorials on cloud computing fundamentals, different service models, and popular platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP.