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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform agriculture.

Flexiv Rizon

Yunfan Gao of Flexiv talks about adaptive robots in indoor farming

Indoor farming is one of the recent trends gaining traction in agriculture. Why? With continued global population growth, increasing loss of cultivated land to...

Artificial intelligence (AI) – The future of the food service industry

The food service industry is not an exception to how digital disruption has affected nearly every sector, from financial services to healthcare. To stay...

7 robotic applications upgrading food packaging processes

Robots are taking food packaging into the future with streamlined, high-efficiency processes that deliver on quality. Robotics is taking on important roles in this...

Using drones as a tool to improve agricultural productivity

Almost every aspect of our lives has the potential to be transformed by technology. In various industries, it improves efficiency by reducing workload and...

Smart agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT) – Key advantages

Due to enormous technological growth, farming has become more popular and significant. Different tools and techniques are available for the development of farming. The...

Wearable sensors for Plant Health Monitoring

Plants are necessary for the survival of all living organisms on the planet. They provide 98 percent of the oxygen we breathe and 80...
Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance – 4 smart ways to minimize time and effort

Having a beautiful, well-maintained yard and patio is lovely to hang out in all kinds of weather. Homeowners were thankful for their outdoor spaces...
Precision Agriculture

Deployment of drones in Precision Agriculture

A few years ago, drone technology seemed to be an unreachable facility for poor farming communities, but gradually, things have changed a lot. At present,...
AgriFood tech

AgriFood tech: Essence and solutions

The future of the agricultural sector has already arrived after the world faced significant challenges in the growing population and climate change. The symbiosis...

The prospects of using robots in food processing and manufacturing

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous increase in robot deployment in the food industry that combines an extensive diversity of products, packaging, and handling...