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In this section, RoboticsBiz covers all technology aspects of robotics from its design, development, deployment etc.

Top safety wearables for seniors and disabled

The technology world is seeking ways to keep the world’s aging population safe and comfortable due to a critical demographic transition: from young to...

SCADA in industrial automation – Pros and cons

SCADA or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a computer system used in industrial automation for gathering and analyzing real-time data. As the name indicates,...

250 research papers and projects in Face Recognition – Free Download

Face recognition technology has become part of our daily lives with the growing demand for personal authentication on apps and services on the web....
Additive manufacturing

The role of lasers in additive manufacturing (AM)

No one can deny that lasers significantly influence fields as diverse as telecommunications, instrumentation, medicine, computing, and entertainment. Their applications include cutting, drilling, welding,...

AI FinTech Startups transforming the financial industry

Artificial intelligence is truly a technology of the future, which is being introduced into an increasing list of various industries every year. And the...

Top research papers in Data Science [2020] – Free download

Our digital world creates massive amounts of data every second. Thanks to the communication devices, sensors, and computation we use. They capture information of...

Top 5 smart personal home robots you can buy in 2022

Robots are not limited to industrial works anymore! Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and voice recognition, robots are slowly invading our smart...
Robot Kits

Best selling Raspberry Pi Robot Kits in 2022 [Updated]

The Raspberry Pi is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the world of single-board computers (SBC). The current version Raspberry Pi Model 4 B was...
Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) explained

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a powerful communication tool that allows a human to control a computer, peripheral, or other electronic devices with thought. It...