Technology upgrades your business needs in 2023 [Updated]


If you’re running a business, keeping up with the latest in tech is a must. There can be a million gadgets out there making your business running easier, better, and more efficient. It only makes sense to look into them and see if you can take advantage of the fruits of the digital age.

With the indisputable presence of technology in today’s world, all businesses must stay current on the latest technology upgrades. Because technology is constantly evolving, it is even more critical for businesses to update their systems regularly.

There are many essential reasons why you need to continue investing in your technology – and consider regular technology upgrades an essential part of your strategy. Here are a few reasons:

  • Speed up your workloads
  • Communicate smarter
  • Introduce efficiencies
  • Focus on security
  • Evolve and grow with new features
  • Be well supported when things go wrong
  • Benefit from a current warranty
  • Keep costs in check
  • Ensure ongoing compatibility
  • Reduce power usage
  • Help maintain staff morale

Utilize the cloud

For digital storage, many businesses use cloud computing. Uploading files to cloud storage reduces the amount of data that needs to be kept on company computers, freeing up space and speeding up processes. Upgrade your storage to a cloud-based system to increase business flexibility and productivity. A small business can benefit from cloud computing in a variety of ways. It can aid in cost reduction, process simplification, and increased operational flexibility. To upgrade your data storage, you might want to try out different cloud service models, such as on-demand software or virtual hardware.

Upgrade your broadband

Consider upgrading to superfast fiber broadband if your broadband connection is slow and unreliable. Faster broadband can improve efficiency and user experience while also allowing many wireless devices to connect. Employees value a faster network connection to complete tasks more quickly and move on to the next. Besides, organizations can run modern applications on a high-speed network connection, such as office suites and customer relationship management software. Collaboration is another advantage of a dependable broadband connection. Staff can use voice or video applications to meet one-on-one or in groups using online collaboration services, making remote employees feel like they’re a part of the office. The ability to search through and archive previous discussions eliminates the need to take copious notes during meetings or share details via email.

Choose contactless

It is the day of the contactless payment options. If customers aren’t outright buying their products online, they are paying without cash. The idea of the cashless society was given a boost given recent events. People were suddenly disgusted at the idea of handling money that had traveled from germ-infested hand to germ-infested hand.

Smaller businesses are now embracing the contactless option, with the high street littered with signs that say, “no cash payments” and contactless pay machines popping up in even the corner shops.

Don’t get left behind. There are a lot of options for contactless payment readers. They can be as little as £30 with no monthly fees, although the average price is much higher, and they allow for a much more secure transaction with end-to-end encryption.

Improve workplace hygiene

Speaking of germs in a post-pandemic world, many of us have become far more aware of the germs around us. Every bag now contains a bottle of hand sanitizer beside their lipsticks and mobile phones, we learned how to wash our hands properly, and we now know how close is too close.

But the issue of whether to wear masks is still highly debated, so airborne germs are still a priority – which is where tech like the VIOA tower comes in. This portable and compact piece of tech looks like a space heater but will kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the air, plus all the exposed surfaces.

It uses a powerful UVC light to emit wave energy around the room and disinfect all the surfaces. Any business that gets in-person customers can use it, as well as offices. It will be easy to keep your staff safe with an effective cleaning tool simply sitting in the corner.

Smart security

Many businesses around the world are already feeling the effects of the proposed “smart city.” Entering a building, not with a key but with a card, is now becoming the norm. It allows businesses to keep a tighter lock on their security needs while allowing employees to come and go as they need to.

Smart cards can double as employee IDs offering a range of features that a key could only dream of. It can store all your staff member’s data and be updated remotely, so you can allow access to that particular employee as you wish. It can also track where your employee has been, so it doubles as a clock-in device, allowing you to keep an eye on delays in the workplace.

Businesses with customers have options when it comes to the keycard too. Hotels and spas have already embraced them for access, allowing access to rooms, minibars, safes, and exclusive areas, but other businesses can make their cards double as a loyalty card, holding all the customer’s information.