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Artificial Intelligence

From smartphones to chatbots, artificial intelligence is everywhere! The momentum behind AI is building, partly thanks to the massive amounts of data that computers can collect every day about our likes, purchases, and movements. Here, we will explore how artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the coming years.


What makes Python so popular with developers?

According to Python statistics 2020, there were 8.2 million Python developers worldwide. For comparison, in September 2019, there were 7 million Python developers as...

2022 consumer trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI represents the third era of computing, defined as a machine's ability to perform cognitive functions better than humans. AI is now used across most...

How AI is changing the world of gaming

Considering its uses are becoming more widespread in countless sectors, there is still much ignorance and misinformation about artificial intelligence (AI). The most common myth...

7 ways artificial intelligence (AI) helps students learn

The role of Artificial intelligence (AI) in education is a hot topic today. Experts assert that artificial intelligence will revolutionize and improve education, while...
Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants – Use cases and security concerns

Traditionally, if you have to get some information over the internet, you would need a desktop/laptop/mobile device with an internet connection; manually go to...

Conversational AI: The prospects of speech recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated daily. With advances in machine learning and natural language processing, AI is used in...
business intelligence-BI

Four benefits of Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

Did you know that the business intelligence (BI) industry is now valued at about 30.9 billion? It means that the retail analytics and business...

Using AI in the retail industry: Use cases in 2022

Today, retailers are already experiencing the many benefits of using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will only continue gaining more importance as the industry continues...

Conversational AI or chatbots for restaurants – The future

Conversational AI or chatbot is a group of technologies that allows the computer program to understand and participate in spoken or written human conversations....

Top criteria for choosing the right programming language

A programming language is a vocabulary or a set of grammatical rules (syntax) for instructing a computer to perform specific tasks. It is a...