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Artificial Intelligence

From smartphones to chatbots, artificial intelligence is everywhere! The momentum behind AI is building, partly thanks to the massive amounts of data that computers can collect every day about our likes, purchases, and movements. Here, we will explore how artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the coming years.


Top 5 AI chip-making companies leading the smartphone market

AI chips in smartphones put the power of neural networks in the palm of your hand. All standard smartphones today have at least one...

Large-scale automatic high-definition map technology is here!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the development of the global automotive industry has been almost stagnant. In stark contrast, China's car ownership...

Helpful and harmful AI – Benefits and threats of artificial intelligence

Every major technological innovation brings social potential or damage. The data processing and analysis capability of artificial intelligence can help alleviate some of the...

EVA – An AI-based virtual agent for enterprise users

Global business software company Epicor Software Corporation has released Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA), an AI-based virtual agent for enterprise users, designed to help users...

Marketers believe AI will drive double-digit revenue growth within two years

According to a survey conducted by Demandbase, 84 percent of marketers, who are currently planning, evaluating, implementing or using AI, expect to see value...

AI fintech firm AiX is the world’s first AI bond broker

Bondsai will be the world's first AI powered conversational Bond Broker, handling initial Bond offerings and secondary market trading. AiX has partnered with XinFin to...

AI expert John Robertson talks about 3 ways to use coming data tsunami

If you think the world is data-driven, you've seen nothing yet. The coming artificial intelligence tsunami will visit us wave after wave of technological...

Top 10 best artificial intelligence stocks to buy in 2023 [Updated]

Five years ago, few investors sought the best artificial intelligence stocks to buy. Today, however, the story is different! According to a forecast from Allied...

European Commission publishes artificial intelligence guidelines

The European Commission (EC) published a set of principles on the ethical application of artificial intelligence (AI) and announced a major pilot to apply...

World’s first AI-powered AR platform for industrial companies

Augmentir, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software for industrial companies, has announced the general availability of its Augmented Operations™ platform. The first of its...