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From smartphones to chatbots, artificial intelligence is everywhere! The momentum behind AI is building, partly thanks to the massive amounts of data that computers can collect every day about our likes, purchases, and movements. Here, we will explore how artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the coming years.

Is technological disruption a potential risk for all investors?

Emerging technologies — artificial intelligence, robotics, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and advanced genomics — truly have the potential to disrupt the status quo. They can...

Artificial Intelligence in India – Hype, reality and the future

In India, artificial intelligence may have started slowly, but it is gaining momentum. In the past few years, an increasing number of Indian technology...

EVA – An AI-based virtual agent for enterprise users

Global business software company Epicor Software Corporation has released Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA), an AI-based virtual agent for enterprise users, designed to help users...

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare – Hype vs. Hope

One of the most significant near-term risks in the current development of AI tools in medicine is not that it might cause unintended, serious...

Microsoft listed as visionary leader by 360Quadrants in AI in Fintech

360Quadrants powered by MarketsandMarkets™, the world's only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced reviews, has released a quadrant on AI in Fintech Solutions to...

Large-scale automatic high-definition map technology is here!

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the development of the global automotive industry has been almost stagnant. In stark contrast, China's car ownership...
financial data

How open financial data creates value for consumers and businesses

Open financial data implies the ability to share financial data across financial institutions through a digital ecosystem. It facilitates frictionless interactions between financial institutions...
machine learning

Most unusual types of Artificial intelligence (AI): Opportunities to leverage

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is not a drop; it’s the entire ocean in a drop. And with that...

Top 10 companies using Artificial Intelligence in mental health

Mental illness affects 15.5% of the global population. What’s the worst? Mental health conditions are rising, with some estimates putting the cost to the...
brain-machine interface

Top invasive and non-invasive brain-machine interface technologies

Brain-computer interfaces (BCI), often called neural-control interfaces (NCI), mind-machine interfaces (MMI), direct neural interfaces (DNI), or brain-machine interfaces (BMI), are direct communication pathways between...