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How to ensure confidential computing for cloud and edge?

Cloud data center infrastructure now requires virtualization due to the growing popularity of customer-based cloud services. To simulate hardware for various cloud workloads, use...
data portability

What is data portability? Key benefits explained

Data portability refers to the users' ability to obtain and transfer a copy of available data from one data controller (such as an app...

Predicting Software-Defined Storage (SDS) trends for 2023

While the cost of storing a piece of information has been declining year on year, the demand for storage capacity is outstripping IT budgets,...

Drone-based delivery services – Key benefits

Service delivery is set to experience a major paradigm shift with fast advances in drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technologies. These technologies offer...

Seven important steps in data exploration

Data exploration is one of the most important steps during a data analysis, which plays a crucial role in unearthing business insights and opportunities...
voice recognition

Voice computing (speech recognition) explained

Language is an important means of communication. Speech is its main medium. Designing a machine that converses with humans, particularly responding properly to spoken...

Types of exteroceptive sensors for mobile robots

Since mobile robots are constantly moving in the environment, they depend heavily on exteroceptive sensors, which concentrate on a central task for the robot,...

Types of proprioceptive sensors for mobile robots

For safe navigation, a mobile robot must acquire information about its state and environment. This is done by doing measurements with devices called sensors....
data preparation

Key challenges in the data preparation process

Data preparation is a process of manipulating and organizing raw data before analysis. It is typically an iterative process of manipulating raw, unstructured, and...

Using wearables to detect physical fatigue in the workplace

Monitoring and detecting fatigue in the work environment is essential to improve worker safety in today’s world, where the concepts of a “job” or...