The evolution of Automation and Robotics – History in a nutshell [Infographic]

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, perhaps nothing has had as much of an impact on industry as automation. Today’s factories, warehouses, and distribution centers feature technological marvels that would have been unthinkable a generation ago.

Robotic workers are making operations faster, safer and more efficient by performing jobs human beings can’t or shouldn’t be asked to do. By taking some of the most dangerous, difficult and monotonous tasks off human shoulders, robots are reducing accidents, eliminating errors and speeding up production. But as exciting as the development of automated systems has been, it’s nothing compared to the potential yet to be unleashed.

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality technology is expected to open new doors beyond what we already know. For example, today’s machines can be programmed to perform the same task a limitless number of times. AI can enable robots to become true collaborators with people, reacting to and supporting our actions as if they were actually thinking about them. The automation of the future will be more autonomous than ever, doing work with minimal assistance from humans. 

The advent of automation has completely changed the way we do business, and its potential is nowhere close to being tapped out. Want to know more about far automation and robotics have come and where they might go? See the accompanying infographic, created by CIMTEC.