Top software platforms for web development for startups

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Today, developers have a rich choice for coding tools: text editors, cloud services, frameworks. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. It should be borne in mind that many cloud technology services, in addition to the code editor, offer a very large number of specialized tools: from standard solutions to ready-made templates.

Online website builders can also be classified as a toolkit for creating an online resource. But template development most often does not imply open source work and therefore may not be considered for every project. This is more relevant for small and medium-sized eCommerce projects, where you can get by with a typical template and scale the project using plugins.

Today, the evolution of web applications has affected most of the functional parameters of modern applications. In addition to the usual collection of information, customers want to manage large amounts of data, analyze information and predict market trends. The challenges and requirements for web applications are increasing every day.

Therefore, choosing the optimal software platform and environment has become even more urgent. At the same time, to work with this, you will need to hire web app developers.

Among the large list of technologies, it is worth highlighting the most popular and effective solutions for developing and promoting a website.

Microsoft Visual Code Studio

Visual Code Studio has long established itself at the top of the list of the best open-source tools. A lightweight, advanced and functional editor is used to work with JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.JS.

Visual Code Studio does not just edit the code but can be used to supplement and modernize individual fragments:

  • Changing the functional values ​​of the modules.
  • Refinement of declared variables.
  • Integration with external applications.
  • Adding data.
  • Setting up collaboration with other data sources.

Visual Code Studio features and extensions let you deploy and run a web application from a single location using a variety of programming environments.

Sublime Text editor

It should be noted that Sublime Text positions itself as a cross-platform code development engine. That is, in addition to a simple editor, it has many add-ons, extensions, and plugins:

  • Function of equalizing brackets. The editor independently detects incorrect matching and highlights the corresponding code fragments.
  • Goto Anything. Plugin for easy access to files.
  • Group selection. The tool allows you to change lines of code while editing. You can rename files, code blocks, or variables.

Sublime Text is lightweight and easy to use. Given the extensive documentation, it is perfect for beginners who are just learning how to work with open-source.

Free Atom Text Editor

GitHub’s software product has stood the test of time and has received approval from many software developers. Atom positions itself as a free cross-platform open-source environment. The platform’s trademark is flexibility. Atom is suitable for various programming areas, from coding to scripting modeling.

The project boasts a huge library of plugins and settings. Given a large number of residents, you can use template solutions or find the right answer in the documentation for the program.

Powerful Vim text editor

The Vim text editor is based on the previous Vi application. Today it is a full-fledged editor with a wide variety of settings and extensions that provide freedom of action for any project complexity.

Vim supports most programming languages ​​and has a functional interface. Many functions provide the program’s convenience and flexibility: batch file editing, search in code fragments, automated command invocation, hotkeys, and much more. For beginners, detailed documentation is supplied, where you can find a complete description of the project’s capabilities.