Machine Learning cheat sheets – Compilation [Updated in 2022]

In recent years, we have seen rapid and exciting advances in Machine Learning (ML), a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers computer systems to learn directly from data and experience and carry out complex processes and tasks intelligently, instead of following pre-programmed rules.

Thanks to the volume, velocity, and variety of data available today; machine learning systems can now train on a large data pools and improve their analytical and predictive capabilities, which can be efficiently used in a verity of applications, such as image recognition, voice recognition, virtual personal assistants, recommender systems, etc.

In transport, for instance, machine learning is instrumental in the development of autonomous vehicles, while in healthcare, machine learning is creating systems that can help doctors give more accurate or effective diagnoses for specific conditions.

In general, machine learning is helping to make sense of the vast amount of data available to researchers today, offering new insights into biology, physics, medicine, the social sciences, and more. Machine learning applications can perform specific tasks far better than humans at scale. It fundamentally changes the nature of work and our wellbeing and shapes or defines the choices people make in everyday life.

This post compiles a list of all available Machine Learning Cheat Sheets on the Internet in one place. Have a look!

1. Machine Learning Cheat Sheet – Classical equations, diagrams and tricks in machine learning [Download]

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5. Loss Functions [Download]

6. Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data [Download]

7. Cheat Sheet – Python & R codes for common Machine Learning Algorithms [Download]

8. Cheat Sheet – 10 Machine Learning Algorithms & R Commands [Download]

9. Machine Learning Cheat Sheet by Dr. Rico Möckel [Download]

10. Data Science Cheat Sheet, compiled by Maverick Lin [Download]

11. VIP Cheat Sheet: Supervised Learning [Download]

12. Supervised Learning Cheat Sheet [Download]

13. VIP Cheat Sheet: Unsupervised Learning [Download]

14. Unsupervised Learning Cheat Sheet [Download]

15. Super VIP Cheat Sheet: Deep Learning [Download]

16. Deep Learning Cheat Sheet [Download]

17. Machine Learning Cheat Sheet: Tips and tricks [Download]

18. Machine Learning tips and tricks: Cheat Sheet [Download]

19. Neural Networks: Cheat Sheet [Download]

20. Machine Learning Modelling in R: Cheat Sheet [Download]

21. Python for Data Science: Cheat Sheet [Download]

22. Cheat Sheet of Machine Learning and Python (and Math) Cheat Sheets [Download]

23. Reinforcement Learning Cheatsheet [Download]