Revolutionizing robotics: An exclusive interview with Elad Inbar on the future of industry integration


Welcome to an exclusive interview with Elad Inbar, the visionary founder and CEO of RobotLAB, a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing the integration of robotics across multiple industries. With a passion for bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical applications, Elad brings a wealth of experience from his parallel careers in academia and technology.

RobotLAB’s innovative approach to making robots smarter and more useful has garnered widespread recognition, with their current ventures in robotics and education being featured in esteemed publications such as Time Magazine, The New Yorker, and Tech Crunch. Elad’s expertise has positioned him as a sought-after keynote speaker at prestigious events like SxSW and the National Restaurant Association, where he shares invaluable insights into the intersection of robotics and various industries.

As a testament to his influence in the technology landscape, Elad Inbar also sits on the Forbes Technology Council, further solidifying his status as a thought leader in the field. With an unwavering commitment to driving innovation and accessibility in robotics, Elad is uniquely qualified to navigate the evolving landscape of the robotics industry.

In this interview, Elad Inbar will shed light on the expanded collaboration between RobotLAB and LG Business Solutions USA, exploring how this partnership is set to reshape the accessibility and integration of LG’s robotics portfolio across diverse industries. From the latest robotics models to the strategic implications for sales, marketing, integration, and service, Elad will provide invaluable insights into the future of robotics and its impact on businesses worldwide.

Join us as we delve into the exciting world of robotics innovation with Elad Inbar.

1. How does the expanded collaboration between RobotLAB and LG Business Solutions USA impact the accessibility and integration of LG’s robotics portfolio into various industries?

Elad Inbar - RobotLAB
Elad Inbar, founder and CEO of RobotLAB

LG is one of the most prominent manufacturers in the world, and as such, they need a partner that can take their great products to market and service and repair them wherever they are. The expanded collaboration between RobotLAB and LG Business Solutions USA significantly improves the accessibility and integration of LG’s robotics portfolio across various industries. Serving as the primary reseller for LG’s entire range of robots, we ensure businesses can easily access popular models like the CLOi ServeBot and CLOi GuideBot and industry-specific solutions through a single trusted partner. With a global network of offices and industry connections, we bring LG robots closer to businesses worldwide, offering personalized consultations, local repairs, and on-site installations.

Moreover, our unique franchise model ensures widespread accessibility with an average of two locations in every state by next year. This model enables comprehensive support for LG robots across the country, including service, consumables, and repairs, as we are the sole provider of consumables and the only certified repair lab for the robots we sell. We offer tailored account management, standard operating procedures, robot selection assistance, site surveys, content creation, deployment services, and comprehensive training for local teams, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of LG robots for businesses of all sizes and industries.

2. Could you elaborate on the specific robotics models, such as the LG CLOi ServeBot and LG CLOi GuideBot, that will be included in RobotLAB’s portfolio under the new agreement and how they address the needs of businesses?

The LG CLOi ServeBot integrates into fast-paced environments like restaurants, warehouses, and hotels. Imagine a tireless waiter, a swift busser, and a reliable stock runner rolled into one – that’s the LG CLOi ServeBot. It efficiently transports meals, delivers packages, and automates repetitive tasks, freeing up human staff for higher-value work.

The LG CLOi GuideBot, on the other hand, shines in customer-facing roles. Picture a friendly, multilingual assistant offering directions, answering questions, and even providing security monitoring. The GuideBot can display information on web pages, check guests in and out, reserve tables, book spa services, and even double as a mobile photographer for large events. This versatile robot enhances the experience in retail stores, airports, museums, and more. Imagine personalized product recommendations, real-time travel information, and interactive exhibits delivered by the LG GuideBot. This can significantly increase customer satisfaction and save money on labor in the long term.

The LG CLOi CarryBot models offer unique solutions for warehouse, mail rooms, retail, backroom, and other logistical flows. One model features a wheeled wide shelf space attachment designed to efficiently transport larger items with a wider clearance.

The other model has side bracket mechanisms attached with a slot for a bar scanner, providing a more confined frame for carrying baskets/ boxes and a simple system mechanism for recording shelf stocking, pricing, and other bar code-related functions.

Additionally, RobotLAB will soon announce a major step in development for the hospitality industry, piloting in tandem with LG Robotics. While evaluating these solutions for our portfolio, we are confident their final form will offer unique and game-changing advantages for the hospitality industry.

These robots go beyond automation, delivering a measurable return on investment. They optimize operations, improve customer experience, and save valuable human resources. RobotLAB’s comprehensive support and customization options ensure each robot integrates seamlessly, maximizing its impact on a facility’s bottom line.

3. With RobotLAB’s extensive experience in managing the commercial deployment of tens of thousands of robots, how do you envision this expanded collaboration contributing to LG’s goals in terms of sales, marketing, integration, and service of their robotics solutions?

RobotLAB’s vast network and industry expertise unlock new doors for LG’s robots. They expertly match customer needs with suitable LG solutions, significantly boosting sales potential. Our proven track record also builds trust in LG’s offerings, easing customer concerns and accelerating sales cycles with potentially larger deals.

Our deep understanding of various industries empowers us to craft targeted marketing messages that resonate with specific audiences. This translates to higher conversion rates and stronger brand awareness for LG’s robots. Furthermore, RobotLAB leverages our successful marketing strategies and diverse channels to promote LG’s robots effectively through compelling case studies, insightful webinars, industry events and targeted digital campaigns.

Inspired by the Henry Ford model, our approach goes beyond proving robots to focus on accessibility and support. Much like the widespread accessibility of cars was not just due to the production line but also the nationwide dealership and certified repair network, we aim to make robots more accessible to regular business owners. This reduces the risk of purchasing a robot by ensuring their investment is always in top performance. With locations ready to repair, consult, and pilot in every major city, we make owning and maintaining LG’s robots more convenient and reliable.

Our expertise and ability to tailor LG robots to specific customer needs allows for seamless integration with existing systems and workflows, ultimately enhancing the robots’ effectiveness and operational impact.

RobotLAB’s established service infrastructure provides robust technical support and maintenance for LG’s robots. This guarantees uptime, minimizes downtime costs, and keeps customers satisfied. Customer success professionals’ experience analyzing robot performance data enables continuous improvement and optimization of LG’s robots. This leads to better performance, higher ROI for businesses, and a stronger value proposition for future customers.

In conclusion, RobotLAB’s experience acts as a multiplier for LG’s robotics ambitions. It amplifies their sales reach, tailors their marketing message, streamlines integration, and ensures reliable service, ultimately accelerating their success in the dynamic robotics market.

4. How does RobotLAB leverage its industry expertise and insights to facilitate the deployment of LG’s robotics solutions, and how does this contribute to LG’s reputation as a reliable technology provider?

RobotLAB leverages our industry expertise and insights to facilitate the deployment of LG’s robotics solutions by providing tailored consultations, personalized support, and comprehensive training to businesses. This ensures that LG’s robots seamlessly integrate into diverse workflows and environments, maximizing their performance and client value.

The LG Robotics R&D team came from Korea to train the RobotLAB customer success team. They came to our corporate offices and trained our team on operation, deployment, troubleshooting, and repair. We are their force multiplier when it comes to feet on the ground. By offering specialized services such as account management, standard operating procedures, and site surveys, RobotLAB ensures that LG’s robots meet each industry’s specific needs and challenges.

This approach contributes to LG’s reputation as a reliable technology provider by demonstrating the company’s commitment to customer success and satisfaction. Through RobotLAB’s guidance and support, businesses can trust that LG’s robotics solutions will deliver consistent performance, efficiency gains, and positive impacts on their operations. Additionally, RobotLAB’s extensive network and expertise in robot integration further reinforce LG’s reputation as a leading provider of innovative and dependable robotics solutions.

5. Could you provide examples of successful integrations of LG robots into businesses and industries nationwide facilitated by RobotLAB and how these deployments have enhanced the performance of these businesses?

We’ve facilitated numerous successful integrations of LG robots into businesses and industries nationwide, significantly enhancing their performance and bottom line. For instance, we’ve automated nationwide mail rooms for one of the largest banks in the country, leveraging the unique performance capabilities of LG Servebot. This deployment showcases how LG CLOi Servebot streamlines mailroom operations, improving efficiency and reducing manual labor costs.

In addition to banking, we’ve deployed LG Servebot in countless entertainment venues, restaurants, and assisted living facilities nationwide. Servebot’s versatility makes it an ideal solution for various industries, including its ability to deliver items, assist customers, and perform tasks autonomously. Its presence in these establishments enhances operational efficiency and elevates the overall customer and resident experience.

Similarly, LG Guidebot has succeeded in casinos, resorts, convention centers, and tourism attractions nationwide. Guidebot serves as a helpful guide for guests, directing them to different exhibits, promoting special events, and even featuring sponsorship areas. Its ability to upsell high-margin items, attract new customers, and provide exceptional customer service has proven invaluable for businesses, ultimately boosting revenue and reducing the need for additional labor.