Unveiling the future of multi-biomarker analytics – Interview with Ash Anwar from Molecular You


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare innovation, where precision and foresight can redefine the very fabric of patient care, Molecular You stands as a beacon of groundbreaking advancement.

As the pioneering force behind the first and only multi-biomarker analytics platform in over 26 healthcare domains, Molecular You harnesses the power of quantitative proteomics and metabolomics to chart a new frontier in predictive healthcare analytics.

With a staggering repertoire of over 800 biomarkers, Molecular You’s AI-driven software sets a new standard in accuracy, boasting predictive risk profiles with an astonishing 88% precision for chronic conditions and scaling up to the mid-90% range for cognitive disorders. In a realm where every percentage point promises enhanced patient outcomes and proactive disease management, Molecular You’s achievements underscore a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery.

Ash Anwar - Molecular You
Ash Anwar, Senior Director of Data & AI at Molecular You.

Ash Anwar, the Senior Director of Data & AI at Molecular You, is at the helm of this revolutionary endeavor. With an illustrious career in data science and artificial intelligence, Ash Anwar brings unparalleled expertise to the forefront of multi-biomarker analytics and clinician decision support. In an exclusive interview conducted by RoboticsBiz, we delve into the visionary insights and transformative strides of Molecular You under Ash Anwar’s leadership.

Join us as we unravel the future of healthcare with Ash Anwar, where data-driven insights and AI-driven precision converge to chart a new era of proactive, personalized patient care.

1. Can you elaborate on how your AI-powered blood analytics platform contributes to healthcare transformation, particularly in the context of precision medicine?

Molecular You’s AI-powered blood analytics platform can be pivotal in transforming healthcare, particularly within precision medicine.

Comprehensive Biomarker Analysis:

  • Traditional medicine relies on standard clinical biomarkers that haven’t changed in decades, even in the face of increasing evidence that these so-called golden standards may not be the best to detect diseases. For example, it has long been established that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is not a reliable biomarker for prostate cancer detection, yet it is still employed in traditional medicine.
  • Our platform employs advanced technologies, including quantitative proteomics and metabolomics, to analyze a broad spectrum of blood biomarkers, including known clinical standards and additional research-backed biomarkers. Furthermore, using quantitative mass spectroscopy to analyze blood-based proteins and metabolites allows us to analyze these molecules in high throughput and increasingly accurate ways. It allows us to get a more accurate measurement of these biomarkers than traditional clinical tests and reduces errors across multiple measurements. This gives us a more accurate reading of how a patient’s biomarkers may have changed from one test to another compared to clinical blood testing methods.
  • Our comprehensive approach of mass spec and integrating data analytics provides a much deeper and intricate understanding of an individual’s health at the molecular level, going beyond traditional diagnostic methods. Traditional medicine relies on biomarkers that become misaligned when a disease and its pathological processes are already underway. For example, when fasting glucose is elevated and used to detect type 2 diabetes, the patient has already lost the ability to regulate blood glucose, so you are measuring a consequence of the disease, a symptom once the disease has already begun. Our approach allows us to measure the biomarkers at the earliest stages of disease; in the context of type 2 diabetes, we can see early perturbation in diabetes-associated biomarkers even before the body loses control of regulating blood glucose levels. This earlier detection allows us to be predictive and preventative, and we can still deflect patients off their path toward developing disease.

Predictive Analytics for Multiple Health Conditions:

  • Molecular You has developed predictive algorithms leveraging machine learning to identify patterns associated with various chronic health conditions, including neurological disorders like Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • This predictive capability enables early identification of health risks, contributing to proactive and personalized interventions.

Personalized Lifestyle Recommendations:

  • The platform translates complex biomarker data into actionable insights, offering personalized lifestyle recommendations through a user-friendly web-based interface.
  • Users receive targeted advice on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors, empowering them to make informed decisions to mitigate health risks. These lifestyle actions play a significant role in keeping us healthy, and being able to coach the patient in adopting healthy habits goes a long way in preventing disease and keeping people living healthy longer and possibly even off medications, which can sometimes have severe side effects. For instance, helping patients improve cardiovascular disease risks before they have a heart attack and/or need to be on statins, which can have severe side effects.

Democratizing Preventive Health:

  • By offering a low-cost and accessible solution, Molecular You aims to democratize preventive health.
  • The platform enables individuals to proactively manage their health, fostering a shift from reactive healthcare to a more personalized and preventative paradigm.

Enhancing Disease Risk Stratification:

  • The AI algorithms contribute to precise disease risk stratification, allowing more accurate identification of individuals at risk for various health conditions. Diseases often stack on top of each other, so a patient who is at risk of diabetes may also be starting to have a risk of kidney disease, heart disease, etc. By using AI algorithms to profile patients uniquely, we can understand their unique signatures of health and disease and identify personalized treatment options for them.
  • This information is invaluable for clinicians, enabling them to tailor interventions based on an individual’s unique health profile.

Continuous Innovation and Integration:

  • Scientific and clinical research is always ongoing and has the potential to discover new disease mechanisms and new treatments. Molecular You’s commitment to continuous innovation, research investigation, and integration of this new information into our platform ensures that the platform remains at the forefront of scientific and clinical advancements.
  • Integrating new technologies and methodologies ensures the platform’s relevance and effectiveness in the evolving precision medicine landscape.

Contribution to Research and Clinical Practice:

  • The platform’s insights contribute to individual health and broader research initiatives and clinical practice.
  • The data generated can be utilized for ongoing research, further refining predictive algorithms and contributing to the collective knowledge of precision medicine.
  • We are working heavily on developing population-level health analytics to help clinicians identify and stratify unique patient profiles and prescribe personalized treatment options at the population level.
  • Reducing non-specific therapies and targeted approaches will improve health outcomes and hopefully result in value-based healthcare rather than the traditional medical system’s current pay-for-service “sick” care.

2. Considering the focus on AI in early disease detection and prevention, how does the platform contribute to identifying health risks with such high accuracy, especially compared to traditional diagnostic methods?

Molecular You’s AI-powered blood analytics platform achieves a higher degree of accuracy in early disease detection and prevention by surpassing the limitations of traditional diagnostic methods. While conventional approaches often rely on a single biomarker or narrow indicators, Molecular You employs a comprehensive multi-biomarker analysis, incorporating and integrating metabolites and proteins with patients’ clinical characteristics and medical history. This holistic approach, supported by quantitative proteomics and metabolomics through quantitative mass spectrometry, provides a far more accurate and detailed look into an individual’s health for clinicians. Machine learning algorithms trained on extensive datasets enable the identification of intricate patterns within this wealth of biomarker data, resulting in accurate predictive models for various diseases. This advanced methodology positions Molecular You’s platform as pioneering in early risk identification, outperforming traditional clinical tests and contributing to a transformative approach to personalized healthcare.

3. You claim to be a trailblazer in multi-biomarker analytics. Can you explain the significance of leveraging quantitative proteomics and metabolomics with over 800 biomarkers in delivering highly accurate predictive risk profiles and how this sets you apart in the market?

What sets us apart from the competition in the market is all of the aforementioned value factors: multi-omic analysis, a wide analysis panel of metabolites and proteins, the incorporation and integration of clinical traditional biomarkers with research-backed biomarkers, the use of quantitative mass spectroscopy, continuous research and innovation, and incorporation of machine learning and AI in the field of predictive health analytics, all in a ready-to-consume deliverable platform for clinics. We’ve already been in the field of multi-omics and leveraging machine learning on disease datasets for a decade, and now, being able to build on the wealth of our experience to deliver what we envision will be a game-changing platform for clinicians is what I hope we bring to the market as a value proposition and one that makes us a market leader in the space.