50 research papers and resources in Computer Vision – Free Download

Computer vision is notoriously tricky and challenging. It aims to build autonomous systems that can perform or even surpass the tasks associated with the human visual system, but what makes it extremely difficult to build such a system is because the human visual system is too good and sophisticated for many tasks in comparison with a computer vision system.

Humans can recognize faces under all variations in terms of illumination, viewpoint, or expression. In most cases, we have no problem in identifying a friend in an old photograph taken years ago. There seems to be no limit for us on how many faces we can store in our brains for future recognition. There seems no hope in building an autonomous system with such stellar performance.

Though it was somewhat disappointing, computer vision has been offering several exciting applications in healthcare, manufacturing, defense, etc. Medical image processing is one most common application, where the data is extracted from images, such as microscopy images, X-ray images, angiography images, ultrasonic images, and tomography images, for the medical diagnosis of patients. It helps detect tumors, arteriosclerosis, or other malign changes and measure organ dimensions, blood flow, etc.

In manufacturing, computer vision is heavily used to find defects and measure the position and orientation of products to be picked up by a robot arm. The military applications include the detection of enemy soldiers or vehicles, missile guidance, and creating battlefield awareness about a combat scene to reduce complexity and to fuse information from multiple sensors for supporting strategic decisions.

All levels of autonomy, ranging from semi-autonomous to fully autonomous vehicles such as submersibles, land-based robots, cars, trucks, UAVs, use computer vision-based systems to support drivers/pilots in various situations. They use it for navigation through its environment (SLAM), detecting obstacles and specific events, like forest fires.

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