High-tech baby monitor systems to ease the chores during parenting

Parenting is fun, but it also brings new responsibilities that sometimes lead to becoming the most worrying. Though it happens to be one of the best phases, however, the other side of parenting showcases how exhausting it can be. Thanks to the advanced baby monitor systems, that gifted the parents with an opportunity to sleep a little longer along with the little ones.

Gone are those days, of tiptoeing silently to have a glance of your baby napping peacefully, and meeting with an accident of waking them up! A baby monitor can help you avoid these accidents. Not just the baby’s nap and night time sound, the baby monitoring system also provides numerous information. These instruments can monitor the baby’s movements, heart rate, temperature, and breathing as well.

Types of baby monitor systems

The continuous advancements and multi-functional characteristics in this instrument have made parenting more manageable and stress-free. The parents can carry the battery-operated receiver around the house, whereas the transmitter stays near the baby, plugged accordingly. Also, there are specific baby monitors with two receivers. Moreover, the growing automation and advancements have made various types of baby monitoring systems available in the market. Some of the types are enlisted below:

Video baby monitors or baby cams

It is one of the models with a video camera to display the pictures on the receiver. The receiver can be plugged into the portable LCD screen or television. These baby cams offer the surveillance even in low light levels with a night vision feature. With further advancements, some of the baby cams can work over Wi-Fi connectivity as well, to provide the baby’s view via smartphone or computer.

Movement monitors

There are some known for baby’s movement monitoring as well. The baby movement monitor contains sensor pads situated either inside the mattress or near to the cot. Also, it alerts the parents with an alarm if it notices no movement for more than 20 seconds.

Smartphones as baby monitors

One of the most basic and trendy solutions is to use a smartphone as a baby monitor. Smartphone apps enable the user to monitor a camera-equipped device, including a tablet or other smartphone. The apps provide video and audio feed of the baby, allowing the parents to watch over the baby, regardless of the location attentively.

With further advancements, several baby monitors are added with more features such as in-built lullabies and rhymes. Visible signals with repeating sounds accompany baby monitors. It works in the form of light to direct the noise level, permitting the device to be used when the receiver is unable to play the sound. Besides, some monitors also have a vibrating alert on the receiver to make it more beneficial for people having hearing difficulties. Also, several monitoring systems can monitor the complete room, as well.

How baby monitors can enhance your parenting

Baby monitoring has proved to be a godsend for new parents. For many parents, it has integrated the perks as well as peace of mind. Instead of staying stressed or checking on their baby innumerable time, the parents can now enjoy their precious sleep as well as tours and outings with baby monitoring systems. Since the beginning days of parenting are full of nonentities and fears, minimizing a little with the monitor proves to be a major perk. Moreover, baby monitoring carries various other benefits as well. Some of the profits are enlisted below:

Keep a closer eye on the baby easily

With a perfect blend of telecommunication and automation, baby monitors have become a boon for new parents. New mothers are mostly anxious regarding their babies, and keeping an eye on every movement performed by the baby, satisfies them. Baby monitors enable the parents to keep frequent tabs on the baby, without much effort.

A constant source of visual information

It offers a source to have continuous visual information regarding the baby. It enables the parents to prioritize their responses accordingly. Besides, it provides parents the ability to take action based on the baby’s activity.

Night-vision feature to be a bonus

Apart from all other features, night- vision has been a savior. Babies often wake up during the night for multiple reasons. However, the advanced functionality in the baby monitoring system has snatched those sleep-deprived nights offering the parents a clear view of the baby’s room, even during dimness.

Monitors the baby’s health

It is an ideal feature for premature babies, weak born babies, and babies with health issues. The babies suffering from ailments require continuous surveillance. The advancements that provide information regarding health and issues of the baby have offered the parents to take immediate actions and care when needed.

Idyllic for working parents

Today parents prioritize both the family as well as career. Though leaving the baby in daycare, or with family can be an option. Yet having a baby monitor system offers the parents to be connected with the regular activities of their child.

The advancements in technology have offered a more accessible and convenient way of parenting. Other than all these benefits, several companies are yet trying to garner more of advantages with their new products. Recently, Pampers, a leading baby care products manufacturer, has launched smart diapers, to notify parents when it requires to be changed. Other than this, the system also permits to track the baby’s sleep schedule, feeding movements, and room temperature. Also, it offers a mobile application and an HD video monitor.

On the other hand, a new monitoring app for premature babies has been launched recently. Northwell Health, a New York-based leading healthcare provider, has launched a new SMAR on FHIR application for the development of premature babies. The app collects, regularizes, and stores the data and progress in the baby’s health. Furthermore, the application minimizes the need for laborers and offers closer and accurate data to the parents.

Along with the benefits, the advanced solutions and new launches hitting the field have also propelled the growth of the global market. On the other hand, the rise in the number of employed parents, and an increase in awareness regarding baby safety are the major factors driving the growth of the market. Furthermore, growth in online retailing, and surge in disposable income has propelled the growth as well. A report by Allied Market Research reveals that the global baby monitoring market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR. Moreover, an increase in demands in emerging countries, and the latest technological advancements are expected to offer a worthwhile opportunity to the market, soon.

About the author: Akshita Pacholi has accomplished Master degree in English Literature and presently is working as a content writer with Allied Market Research. She loves reading, writing short stories, poems, and blogs. She is a selective sports’ admirer.