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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform education.

Meet Yuki, the first humanoid robot lecturer

Jürgen Handke is a German professor, known as a pioneer of digital teaching methods. For years, he has been using digital technologies to enhance...

World Robot Olympiad – A fun way to interest young people in robotics

World Robot Olympiad is a challenging and fun way to interest young people in robotics! Now, a new season of global competitions is being...

The rise of e-Learning: What lies in the future for students?

A macro introspection of the education industry can give you a sense of the paradigm shift after the pandemic set in. E-learning aids like...
School Workflow Automation

The ultimate guide for School Workflow Automation

Process automation is a trend globally towards increasing a business’s productivity and cut down on operational costs. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system helps...

Top robotics research institutions and labs in Slovenia

Slovenia has a long tradition of robotics, beginning its dynamic growth in the late 1970s with the early models of Goro and Roki, followed...

Robotics for teachers: Guides and lesson plans [Download]

In the last ten years, robotics attracted the high interest of teachers and educationists as a unique learning tool to develop cognitive and social...

3 best robotics research institutions and labs in the Netherlands

In the previous post, we have listed some of the top robotics research institutions and labs in Greece. In this post today, we will...
STEM education

6 steps to give a meaningful STEM education to your child

Getting your child started in robotics can be confusing as you try to figure out where to begin. Robotics can provide a bright future...

Top robotics research institutions and labs in Switzerland

Switzerland, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Robotics,” has become an international leader in robotics since 2010, with regards to its ability...

Top robotics research institutions and labs in Germany

The robotics and automation (R&A) industry in Germany has enjoyed unprecedented success over the last decade. The global robotics hub, Germany, is home to...