Drones join the battle against the coronavirus outbreak in China

MMC drones in traffic monitoring

All major cities in China now join hands to fight the sudden coronavirus outbreak, firstly occurred in Wuhan. Using drones!

Leading high-tech industrial drone manufacturer, specializing in researching and developing multi-rotor drones, Shenzhen MicroMultiCopter (MMC) has launched the UAV prevention solutions and invested a service team of over 200 people rushing to the front line with over 100 drones deployed in many cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Foshan and other areas.

In the previous years, drones were used only for aerial broadcasting, but today, they help the healthcare staff in so many ways, by which the risk of the virus spreading among the front-line team is significantly reduced. They include:

Aerial broadcasting

Instead of artificially patrolling, the drones are capable of uninterrupted patrols in 360 degrees to observe the ground condition through 40x zoom cameras. Crowds and those who don’t wear masks in public places are found and dispersed by the commanders through onboard megaphones. Daily broadcasting by drones is carrying out in different streets and communities; larger area is covered than using traditional loudspeakers.

Disinfectant spraying

From stations, supermarkets to small courtyards where there is a need, MMC drones are used to spray disinfectant in public places. Compared to the traditional way, using drones can avoid direct contact, especially in those places required regular disinfection.

Aerial thermal sensing

The drone with thermal camera will automatically sense each person through high accuracy infrared, which has been widely used in crowded areas to assist in onsite management and evacuation.

MMC drones in traffic monitoring

Traffic control

Since 1st Feb, MMC teams have been working with traffic police at many highway points. Traffic flow, congestion situation was captured. With broader coverage than fixed cameras, MMC drones much helped commanders figure out solutions very quickly.

“Unlike previous years where we must drive to patrol and gather information, we can now discover everything using drones,” local traffic police praised with his thumb-up.

“At first, our drones are used only in aerial broadcasting, and it goes deeper in front-line use since the situation is getting more serious, further functions are required, so we quickly formed an online R&D team and carried out the solutions,” said Lu Zhihui, chairman of MMC.

As a company with a complete supply chain of industrial UAV, MMC provides not only complete solutions but also UAV essential parts for different applications and OEM/ODM cooperation. With the experience cooperating with its global partners, MMC is committed to boosting automation level so people can work in higher safety, with lower cost, and by higher efficiency.