The rise of esports – Past and present of competitive gaming


The gaming industry is constantly evolving and changing. New ideas are always turned into reality, and they’re always for the benefit of the players. You won’t find another industry that manages to adapt to its customers’ needs quite so quickly.

This is how Esports managed to come about. You might already be competitive in gaming, but this takes everything to a new level.

Whether you love playing at 888 Casino or prefer a traditional console game, Esports is something that people from all over the gaming industry can enjoy and get involved in.

Where did Esports come from?

The first competitive video game was created in 1958 and was called ‘Tennis for Two.’ This game was the first thing to properly kick off the gaming industry from a technology standpoint.

Before then, the only gaming that would take place would be in a traditional, land-based casino or simply playing with a pack of cards at the table after dinner.

Taking the gaming industry into the technological sphere was the first step toward our current iGaming industry.

Way back in 1971, the first competitive gaming event took place. It happened at the University of Stanford, and the competitors were playing games of a vintage Spacewar game. At this event, there wasn’t even prize money. The championship winner would win a year’s subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine as their prize.

This might not seem like a lot today, but for now, this would have been a prize worth playing for.

This event was not considered anything remarkable then, but it did kickstart the idea that you could competitively play these forms of entertainment. This idea set us off on the path of playing online games competitively in the way we do today.

As we entered the 1980s, gaming consoles such as Nintendo started taking over the gaming sphere. This was revolutionary for the average gamer and a game-changer for Esporting events.

You might have guessed it already, but with the invention of Nintendo came the invention of Super Mario. If one game changed the entire face of gaming, particularly Esports gaming, it’s Super Mario.

Even if you’re not an Esports fan or knew what it was before now, you’ll have at least observed a competitive game of Super Mario.

It was so huge that even Nintendo held its Esporting event in 1994. This event carved the way for the Esporting events that we know and love today. Who knows where the iGaming industry might be without this first momentous occasion? But we certainly wouldn’t have ended up in the same sphere we find ourselves in today.

Esports today

As gaming has improved, demands for the industry have also become greater. This is great news for the players as it means that something new is always on the horizon.

We can see that Esports has only grown in popularity over the decades, so it only makes sense to take things up a notch. This has come in the form of Esports arenas.

We already have arenas for sports and sports teams, both professional and those who just play for fun. So, it only makes sense that something should be similar for those who love to game.

Esports are tailor-made gaming arenas where anyone and everyone can come and play all the best games. It’s the perfect place to come with friends or play in the available tournaments.

There are all kinds of  consoles on offer and all the newest technology. If you’re a fan of Virtual reality but don’t have the space to explore it at home, why not come on down to an Esports arena where you can play without worrying about walking into anything?

You can play with friends to make it a much more social event and turn it into a night out you can enjoy. This has revolutionized gaming as people no longer have to play at home. Even though this is a great way to play, socializing in real life is now an option.

This has many benefits for the players as it’s something new to experience. It also gets gamers out of the house and trying something different in a new space.

Esports has truly revolutionized how we game. The iGaming industry took off from that first competitive gaming event and transformed into something spectacular. The only thing to do now is to find the nearest Esports arena and get gaming!