Which Polaris pool cleaner is the best?

Polaris pool

Swimming pools nowadays are an attribute not only of luxurious life but also comfort life. There are different types of swimming pools installed in the private property: indoors and outdoors, stationary, and inflatable. Each requires the proper maintenance to perform constant cleanness and safety regardless of which one you choose.

The simpler the process of performing cleanness will be, the easier and more comfortable usage of the swimming pool is. If you cannot afford the pool serviceman, a perfect solution is a robotic cleaner that automatically works and includes all required water purification steps.

What is a robotic cleaner?

A robotic cleaner is a vacuum cleaner powered by electricity or batteries with built-in pumps for a filtration system. The water from the pool is circulating through the cleaner during the operating mode. Robotic cleaners are designed to climb on the pool’s walls and get over any obstacles.

They can pick up a large amount of garbage, debris, and dirt from the walls with several brushes. Nowadays they are very reliable. There are three main types of swimming pool cleaners: suction-side (almost manual model with a brush, hose, and skimmer), pressure-side (semi-automatic model of suction side with modes for brushing the pool per installed program), and electric robot. We will discuss the last type.


  • No installation is required, just plug it into the electricity, put it into the basket filter, and put the cleaner in the water.
  • Additional filters can be purchased to improve the quality of cleaning—for example, ultrafine filtration baskets. Typically filters have convenient top access.
  • No hoses are required.
  • The process of filter cleaning after the operating mode is fast and easy.
  • Remote control with programmable cleaning cycles. Cycles from 1-2 hours. You can set up the weekly or daily cleaning with ease.
  • Some can perform scrubbing the surface up to the waterline.

The top robotic cleaners are equipped with a chemical distribution system (like chlorine) and algae removal up to 2 microns that remove any additional maintenance procedures from the pool’s owner. Chemicals are required for any pool, at least seasonal, to prevent any organic and viruses creation.

The only negative side is, of course, the price. But there is an extensive choice of models almost for every budget.

Polaris robotic cleaners

There are many manufacturers of robotic cleaners on the market; the main are Zodiac, Aquabot, Polaris, Dolphin, Hayward, and Intex. Special attention should be paid to Polaris’s cleaners as they include all the main features of good robotic cleaners at a relatively low price. Let’s check the most popular models – Polaris 280 vs. 380. These models are related to pressure side pool models; this type of Polaris produces one of the best ones on the market.

Polaris robotic cleaners

Polaris robotic cleaners can clean all types of in-ground pools from sizes 14*7 m with all pool surfaces of any shape. Both compact cleaners can clean walls and floors; the 380 model even can clean steps! Polaris’s cleaners are high-performance, effective vacuum cleaners with classic tires. But both models require an additional booster pump for proper operation that is not included in cleaners (of course, other Polaris models where this pump is not required – Polaris 360).

The booster pump allows the cleaners to sweep and scrub the pool’s surface to absolute cleanness. The 380 model is suitable for larger pools and is more powerful and faster as it has three jets. An additional advantage of the 380 model is that it has a belt drive mechanism instead of a shaft one, which means cheaper spares and replacement details, leading to more extended durability.

A wide inlet of both models allows collecting debris of different sizes. They have a zip-lock single chamber bag for debris located on the top of the cleaner, easy to clean after. Such bags do not allow the leaves, dirt, garbage, and debris to achieve a filter system (filter basket) that allows them to work longer. It is recommended to have two bags for quicker exchange and let one dry. The operating mode for both models is about three hours. Polaris’s cleaners do not get stuck in corners; they have auto-back functions. If they can’t move forward, they do not stand still; they simply go back and move in another direction.

Both 280 and 380 models gained the reputation of a reliable and low-maintenance model with more than 10-years of operation time. The main difference between the models is drive type, the number of Venturi jets, and that 380 model can climb in more complicated shapes of pools; unfortunately, it requires more frequent maintenance. For sure, the 380 model is more expensive as it is an upgraded version of 280. However, there is no necessity to pay extra for a small pool. You can buy a tune-up kit for both models with all the needed replacement parts.

A lovely bonus of two models – availability in black color for dark swimming pools. The next generation of Polaris robotic cleaners is 3900 Sport with special tires and a dual zip-lock bag.


Expensive robotic cleaners are required only for significant residential and public swimming pools. Therefore, several essential aspects should be considered choosing the robotic cleaner: the cleaner efficiency should correspond to the pool size, the time required for full working mode (5-8 hours is maximum), the length of the power cable should be more than the pool length, types, and durability of filters, availability of remote control, the weight of the model.

For small swimming pools and especially inflatables, you need a simple model of the robotic cleaner. But even in this case, it will be a valuable support. So, the Polaris 280 model is a good option for a private pool for its ration quality and price. It is a perfect solution to perform all work without owner supervision. Unfortunately, Polaris’s cleaners do not pose a section for chemicals, do not forget to perform at least one per season chemical water treatment. Before buying any model, please attentively check its characteristics and reviews thoroughly.