5 essential cybersecurity podcasts for IT professionals


The world of cybersecurity is a dynamic battleground, with new threats and vulnerabilities constantly emerging. IT professionals have a critical responsibility to stay informed and adapt their defenses accordingly.

Podcasts offer a unique and valuable tool in this ongoing fight, providing several key benefits. Podcasts deliver fresh insights and analysis on the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and security patches, ensuring IT professionals remain current and can react swiftly to emerging dangers.

Second, podcasts are readily available and can be consumed on-the-go during commutes, workouts, or even while performing mundane tasks. This flexibility allows busy IT professionals to learn and stay informed without sacrificing valuable work time.

Podcasts delve deeper than headlines, offering expert commentary and technical breakdowns of security issues. This deeper understanding empowers IT professionals to not only identify threats but also grasp the underlying mechanisms, allowing for more effective mitigation strategies.

Many podcasts feature interviews with leading security researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders. Exposure to these diverse viewpoints broadens an IT professional’s knowledge base and fosters a sense of community within the cybersecurity field.

Podcasts offer a way to tailor learning to specific areas of interest. Whether it’s social engineering tactics, enterprise security trends, or the intricacies of malware analysis, there’s a podcast catering to those specific needs. Let’s look at the top 5 essential cybersecurity podcasts for IT professionals.

1. Security Now

Hosted by Steve Gibson, Security Now stands as one of the oldest and most respected cybersecurity podcasts. Gibson, credited with coining the term “spyware,” brings decades of expertise to the show. Security Now caters to both news aficionados and tech enthusiasts, offering in-depth analysis and technical dissection of security headlines. With a focus on providing context and insights into pressing security issues, this podcast is a must-listen for professionals seeking comprehensive coverage of cybersecurity news and developments.

URL: Security Now
iTunes: Security Now MP3

2. Risky Business

Produced by Patrick Gray, Risky Business is an award-winning news program designed for IT professionals. Gray brings a wealth of experience to the table, offering nuanced perspectives on global hacking trends and defensive strategies. Featuring guest experts and insightful commentary, Risky Business delves into the latest cybersecurity headlines, providing valuable context and actionable insights for its audience. Whether it’s exploring emerging threats or discussing defensive tactics, this podcast delivers timely and informative content for security professionals.

URL: Risky Business
iTunes: Risky Business

3. Defensive Security

Hosted by Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat, Defensive Security offers a unique take on cybersecurity podcasting. Far from being a run-of-the-mill tech show, Defensive Security takes listeners on a deep dive into the world of malware trends and security breaches. Bell and Kalat leverage their technical expertise to dissect complex security issues, translating them into practical lessons for SMBs and enterprise companies. With a blend of nerdy humor and insightful analysis, this podcast provides valuable insights into the evolving threat landscape.

URL: Defensive Security
iTunes: Defensive Security

4. Exploring Information Security

Hosted by Timothy De Block, Exploring Information Security offers listeners a comprehensive exploration of the IT security space. Through interviews with thought leaders and live reports from conferences like DerbyCon, De Block provides a firsthand look into security culture. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including cryptography, DDoS attacks, and threat modeling, making it a valuable resource for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of cybersecurity issues.

URL: Exploring Information Security
iTunes: EIS Podcast – Timothy De Block

5. The Social-Engineer Podcast

Recognizing the human element in cybersecurity, The Social-Engineer Podcast explores the tactics of social engineering. Hosted by a team of experts, the podcast delves into the psychology behind social engineering attacks, offering insights into pretexting strategies and human vulnerabilities. With a mix of indie music, interviews with security experts, and roundtable discussions, this podcast provides a holistic view of social engineering tactics and their impact on organizational security.

URL: The Social-Engineer Podcast
iTunes: The Social-Engineer Podcast


In an increasingly digitized world, cybersecurity remains a paramount concern for organizations of all sizes. These five podcasts offer invaluable resources for IT professionals seeking to stay informed and connected within the cybersecurity community. From in-depth analysis of security headlines to explorations of emerging threats and defensive strategies, each podcast provides unique insights and perspectives, making them essential listening for anyone tasked with safeguarding digital assets.