Breaking language barriers: A conversation with Samy Zachary on Alorica’s ReVoLT AI-Linguistic Platform


Nearly a third (29%) of businesses report losing customers because they don’t offer customer service or support in multiple languages. This can be due to several reasons. Customers who can’t get help resolving issues or using a product in their native language might get frustrated and abandon the product or service altogether. Additionally, language barriers can make it difficult for businesses to build trust and rapport with potential customers in foreign markets.

On the flip side, a significant majority (70%) of consumers feel more loyal to brands that provide services in their native language. This suggests that when customers can interact with a company in their preferred language, they tend to have a more positive experience. They feel valued and understood, leading to increased satisfaction, brand loyalty, and repeat business.

Leading digital Customer Experience (CX) provider Alorica is removing longstanding language barriers for brands to deliver multilingual support in an interconnected world now with even more digital channels.

Welcome to an insightful interview with Samy Zachary, Solution Development Architect at Alorica, and he is here to shed light on Alorica’s groundbreaking AI-linguistic platform, ReVoLT (Real-time Voice Language Translation). This cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize how global businesses deliver multilingual customer support.

In this interview, Samy will delve into the significance of ReVoLT in enhancing customer service experiences, addressing the challenges of language barriers commonly encountered in customer interactions, and the broader implications of this technology for customer engagement strategies in the globalized business landscape.

1. Can you elaborate on the significance of the new AI-linguistic tool for real-time voice translation, particularly in improving customer service experiences?

The demand for easy, fast, and accurate multilingual customer support is higher than ever. However, standing up operations and hiring staff for the most needed or hard-to-find languages can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. That’s where ReVoLT (Real-time Voice Language Translation) comes in as the first of its kind in the CX space. As the main attraction of Alorica Clear’s suite of AI-powered translation solutions, ReVoLT is more than a technological breakthrough; it is a complete shift in the industry, revolutionizing how multilingual customer service is delivered. Now, a single CX agent can provide real-time support in 75 languages and 200 dialects from anywhere in the world while speaking in his/her native tongue. By removing the language barrier, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of providing international CX support, and customers get the personalized, local service they want, ensuring they feel heard, understood, and valued in their language.

2. How does Alorica’s AI-linguistic platform address the “lost in translation” problems commonly encountered in customer service interactions?

This exclusive technology redefines how CX is delivered, making language constraints obsolete. A few ways ReVoLT accomplishes this:

  • Wide Language Support: It caters to a diverse customer base, making it a versatile tool for global businesses with customers across regions.
  • Accuracy and Clarity: The system is designed to recognize and process various accents and dialects, which enhances the accuracy of translations. Incorporating context and idiomatic expressions reduces the possibility of misinterpretation and enables a more natural conversation.
  • Transcription Services: The tool provides real-time transcriptions, which can be reviewed for accuracy and consistency. This feature is particularly useful for record-keeping and quality-assurance purposes.
  • Grammar Autocorrection: It can autocorrect grammatical errors, leading to clearer and more accurate communication. This is essential when dealing with complex customer service issues that require precise language.
  • Training and Adaptation: ReVoLT’s AI algorithms learn and adapt over time, improving the quality of translations with each interaction. This continuous learning process ensures that the tool becomes more effective the more it is used.

3. Could you discuss the scope of languages and dialects covered by Alorica’s new platform and how it enables real-time multilingual translation across various communication channels like voice, chat, and email?

Traditional outsourcing centers often lack the necessary language capabilities, particularly in non-English and/or European languages, such as French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. This forces businesses to rely on expensive local markets or seek multilingual agents at a higher cost.

Voice translations use built-in translation and transcription logs to review, monitor, and analyze interactions, aiding in quality assurance, training, and compliance. This speeds up the resolution time as agents can quickly copy and paste directly from the log. This allows for language fluidity across several channels.

  • Voice supports 75 languages and 200 dialects that can be added or turned off instantly, allowing for rapid scale-up or down.
  • Chat & Email covers 105 languages and dialects while providing high-quality language translations.

4. What motivated Alorica to develop this AI-linguistic platform, and how does it align with the evolving needs of customer experience management, especially in a globalized and interconnected business landscape?

With the global marketplace demanding more personalized and localized customer experiences, Alorica has been working on this solution for the past 22 months to address the language barriers and cultural nuances that can hinder customer interactions and impact ROI. ReVoLT is our exclusive solution for providing seamless and efficient customer service, regardless of language differences. This massive rethinking of how CX has historically been delivered is a strategic leap forward for operations as the entire ecosystem benefits – brands, their customers, operators, and CX agents.

  • Brands can offer better personalization and localization support while reducing costs by up to 50%.
  • Operators streamline processes while improving the quality of delivery and decreasing expenses. For example, eliminating the need for agent accent neutralization training saves 2-3 days of training costs.
  • Agents can perform better, faster, and more efficiently by focusing on customer service delivery versus struggling with language barriers.

5. Considering the statistics provided regarding the impact of multilingual support on customer loyalty and business retention, how does Alorica envision this new technology influencing customer engagement strategies for Fortune 500 brands and beyond?

This industry disruptor will significantly benefit companies across verticals and regions. Essentially, CX support can now be streamlined by being serviced from existing, or much fewer, contact centers with agents who can provide multilingual support while engaging in their primary language. ReVoLT enables brands to expand quicker, simplify their operations, make interactions more efficient from both administrative and financial viewpoints, and improve the quality of CX. This will empower businesses to accelerate their CX growth strategies, especially in new markets. We will also see the platform taking on additional capabilities as time passes. More interactions will help hone the tool’s responses, and in the future, we can bring its value to more complex industries. ReVoLT truly does open the door to incredible possibilities.