Generative AI audio tools for content creators and eductors


Generative AI audio tools are a type of artificial intelligence designed to create new audio content, such as speech, music, or sound effects. Although still in development, these tools hold great potential for various teaching and learning contexts.

There are main types of generative AI audio tools available today, such as text-to-speech, music generation, and sound effect generation tools.

Text-to-speech tools convert text into natural-sounding audio, enabling narrated presentations, audiobooks, and interactive learning modules. Music generation tools create original music from scratch, which can be utilized to teach music theory and composition or to foster a more engaging learning environment.

Sound effect generation tools produce various sound effects, such as explosions, footsteps, or animal noises. This enhances presentations, creates immersive learning experiences, and can aid students with special needs.

In a teaching and learning context, generative AI audio tools offer numerous benefits:

  • Improved Accessibility: Students with hearing impairments or those learning English as a second language can access course content more effectively.
  • Diverse Feedback Formats: Students can receive feedback in multiple ways, including narrated feedback on essays or spoken instructions for lab experiments.
  • Enhanced Learning Experiences: Creating more engaging and immersive learning environments leads to better retention and understanding.
  • Encouraging Creative Expression: Students can create original music, sound effects, or narrated presentations, promoting creative expression.

Although the conversation has mainly centered on text-based tools like ChatGPT, the pedagogical possibilities of audio generative AI are just beginning to emerge. By utilizing these tools, educators can improve accessibility, provide diverse feedback, and approach teaching and assessment creatively.

1. is an advanced AI tool that enhances your ability to recall, organize, and share voice conversations effectively. It achieves this by creating smart voice notes that incorporate audio, transcription, speaker identification, inline photos, and key phrases. is utilized by a diverse range of users, including business professionals, journalists, students, and anyone seeking to improve focus, collaboration, and efficiency during meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important discussions.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Transcription: transcribes conversations in real-time, relieving you from the burden of taking manual notes and enabling you to fully concentrate on the discussion.
  • Speaker Identification: The tool identifies speakers during conversations, making it easy to discern who said what, even in multi-speaker scenarios.
  • Inline Photos: allows you to incorporate inline photos into your notes, enabling you to reference visual aids during the conversation or later.
  • Key Phrases: The AI identifies key phrases within your conversations, facilitating quick and easy retrieval of specific information when needed.
  • Collaboration: supports collaborative note-taking, allowing multiple users to work together on the same set of notes, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  • Search Functionality: The tool efficiently searches your notes, enabling rapid access to the required information.

2. Transcribe

Transcribe is an advanced AI transcription tool that converts high-quality audio and video files into text. It leverages machine learning algorithms to ensure high accuracy in transcribing speech. As a cloud-based tool, Transcribe offers seamless accessibility from any location, making it highly convenient for users.

Key Features:

  • Audio and Video Transcription: Transcribe can transcribe various audio and video file formats, such as MP3, WAV, and MP4, facilitating versatile usage.
  • High Accuracy: Thanks to its sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Transcribe achieves exceptional accuracy in transcribing speech. The quality of the audio file and the complexity of the speech are factors that influence transcription accuracy.
  • Cloud-based Convenience: Being a cloud-based tool, Transcribe allows users to access its services from anywhere with an internet connection, offering unmatched flexibility.
  • User-friendly Interface: Transcribe boasts a user-friendly interface, simplifying the transcription process. Users can effortlessly upload audio or video files to the Transcribe website, where automatic transcription occurs.


LANDR is the creative platform for musicians: AI-powered music mastering, distribution, plugins, collaboration, promotion and sample packs. Since launching in 2013, LANDR has been a leader in online music creation providing users with the tools they need at every stage in the music creation lifecycle. Most recently, the brand launched its Mastering Plugin which integrates with any major DAW to deliver fast, reliable AI mastering results you can trust every time.

Key Features:

  • LANDR offers a selection of curated samples and exclusive plugins, which easily integrate with your DAW to let you utilize, control and manipulate sounds to bring your musical vision to life.
  • Connect with collaborators in real-time, trade feedback and access a community of pros to help with your tracks.
  • Find your perfect sound with a fast, pro-level, preset-free AI mastering engine. Master trackers in your browser or shape your sound right in your DAW with LANDR Mastering Plugin.
  • Release your music to over 150 streaming platforms, split royalties with collaborators easily and get promotional tips from the LANDR success team to make sure your songs get the streams they deserve.
  • Learn and amplify your skills with premium music course – over 100 in-depth, interactive music production, promotion and theory tutorials from top education platforms.

4. is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool that converts written text into natural-sounding speech, offering a range of languages and accents to choose from. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to produce speech that is both realistic and engaging, delivering clear and easily understandable results that resemble real human speech.

Key Features:

  • Realistic and Engaging Speech:’s machine learning algorithms ensure that the generated speech sounds authentic and captivating, resembling a real person speaking.
  • Versatility in Languages and Accents: supports multiple languages and accents, making it a valuable tool for individuals requiring speech generation in unfamiliar languages.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool’s simplicity allows users to effortlessly input their text, select the desired language and accent, and promptly receive the generated speech. The resulting audio file can be easily downloaded.
  • Free Trial: offers a free trial that enables users to convert up to 600 words of text into speech. This allows potential users to explore the service and determine its suitability.

5. is an AI-driven music generation tool specializing in creating unique and royalty-free music. Powered by machine learning algorithms, it excels in producing original and inventive musical compositions.

Key Features:

  • Unique Music:’s machine-learning algorithms ensure that the music it generates is truly original and creative. Each composition is unique, providing users with distinctive melodies and arrangements that set them apart.
  • Royalty-Free Music: The music generated by is royalty-free, meaning users can utilize it freely in their videos, podcasts, and various projects without concerns about copyright issues or infringement.
  • Customization Options: offers customization features, allowing users to tailor the music to their preferences. Users can select the song’s genre, mood, and length and even add their lyrics and vocals to the composition.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its straightforward design, is easy to use. Users can simply input their preferences, and the tool will swiftly generate a customized song accordingly.

6. Mubert

Mubert is an AI-driven music generation tool specializing in creating royalty-free music across various genres. Powered by machine learning algorithms, it analyzes existing music to produce new and original compositions.

Key Features:

  • Royalty-Free Music: Mubert’s music generation results in royalty-free compositions. This means users can utilize the music in their videos, podcasts, and other projects without worrying about copyright infringement.
  • Variety of Genres: Mubert offers a diverse selection of music genres, including electronic, ambient, hip-hop, classical, and more. This versatility caters to a broad spectrum of creative projects.
  • Customization Options: Mubert provides users with customization features to tailor the music to their specific needs. Users can select the desired mood, length, and tempo of the song and even incorporate their lyrics and vocals.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Mubert’s ease of use allows users to effortlessly input their preferences, and the tool will generate a customized song accordingly.

7. MusicLM

MusicLM is an advanced AI music generation tool that excels in creating high-fidelity music based on text descriptions. Powered by machine learning algorithms, it analyzes existing music and utilizes hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling to understand and generate music at a very detailed level.

Key Features:

  • High-Fidelity Music: MusicLM’s exceptional capability lies in generating high-fidelity music that closely resembles compositions crafted by human musicians. Its hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling approach enables a deep understanding of musical structure.
  • Text Descriptions: MusicLM allows users to generate music simply by providing descriptions of the desired composition. Users can articulate their vision for the music they want, and MusicLM will create it accordingly.
  • Variety of Genres: The tool offers various music genres, including electronic, ambient, hip-hop, classical, and more. This versatility caters to various creative preferences and project requirements.
  • Customization Options: MusicLM provides users with extensive customization options. Users can choose the mood, length, and tempo of the song and incorporate their own lyrics and vocals to achieve a personalized touch.
  • User-Friendly Interface: MusicLM boasts a user-friendly interface, making it effortless for users to input their preferences and receive a customized song promptly.