Recommended screen time for kids: Ensuring digital safety

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Kids love watching different shows and playing games. You might allow your children to use electronic devices to make them happy or keep them busy for a while. However, excessive screen time for kids might cause a lot of trouble, and there are several ways that excessive screen time is detrimental to your children’s health.

Some nations even treat children who suffer from screen addiction in rehabilitation centers. It is because they think of it as a psychiatric issue. The following are some of the disadvantages of too much screen time for kids:

  • Kids get less interested in their immediate surroundings, resulting in less sensory stimulation.
  • Excessive screen use negatively impacts communication and social abilities.
  • Screen time raises the likelihood of obesity and lack of sleep.
  • Spending too much time in front of a screen might result in bad posture and persistent back, neck, and shoulder pain.
  • Kids have a high risk of experiencing vision-related issues if they stare at screens for a long time. For instance, they might experience eye fatigue, dry eyes, or myopia.
  • Attention issues are more likely to develop with prolonged exposure to quick visual changes.
  • Excessive time on screen might harm your children’s emotional and mental well-being.

3 Tips to Convert Screen Time into Quality Time

It might be hard to set screen time limits or track a WhatsApp number for kids. So, here are a few tips to turn your children’s screen time into quality time:

1. Join your kid & watch kid-friendly shows

Remember to discuss what you notice when watching programs, such as violence, family values, or drug usage, whenever possible. For instance, if you come across an unhealthy food advertisement, tell your children why it is harmful.

Besides, watching kid-friendly shows such as Chasing Coral, Spellbound, etc., with your little one is a good idea.

2. Encourage your kid to stay active while enjoying screen time

If your child is not following the recommended screen time for kids, it is normal for you to be worried. Generally, the more time they spend on screen, the less physically active they stay.

So, while they watch a television show, have your children practice yoga or stretches. During an ad break, dare them to perform a few jumping jacks before the advertisement ends. Furthermore, opt for video games, which promote exercise.

3. Teach significant lessons with their favorite character

Big emotions may be difficult for little kids to convey. Ask your baby to converse with their favorite character on the show. It will help them draw solace from the familiarity of that relationship. Moreover, ask your youngster to remember a moment when a character from the show encountered a problem and how bravely they handled it.

How to Control Screen Time for Kids?

The significant risks of the internet age force parents to control their children’s computers remotely. Online bullies may seriously harm a shy and talented child because they are pushy. Online content that is unsuitable and sensitive comes in various forms, including pornography, violent images, and hateful texts.

So, installing modern monitoring software, like, is the ideal method to keep tabs on what your youngster is doing with their electronic devices. It’s a popular option for parents who want to watch their kids while remaining anonymous.

With, you may access in-depth information on your child’s activities from any location and every device. It keeps track of every site they go to, every contact they make, and every text they receive or send.

Firstly, you must buy a subscription package as per your requirements to start using this fantastic application. You will get mail with mSpy Control Panel access after payment confirmation.

Then, following the email installation instructions, you can download and set up on your child’s device. Finally, you have to log in, and you are ready to start monitoring your kid’s activities!


It is not necessary to cut off screen time for kids completely. However, you must regulate the time your child can stay in front of the screen and monitor their activities.¬†Thanks for reading through. Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful. Good luck!