5 best SaaS software to improve your products & prototypes


Over the years, SaaS software has been a game-changer for designers, marketers, and business owners.

It’s been an excellent way for designers to work efficiently to produce products and prototypes that meet their users’ needs and expectations. However, choosing the right SaaS software that would work best to improve your products and prototypes can be overwhelming.

If you aren’t sure what SaaS software to use to enhance your game as a designer, marketer, or business owner, you are in the right place. This article will show you the top five- SaaS software you should employ to produce better results with your websites, applications, and more.

Keep reading to find out the best SaaS software and how they can help you develop enhanced products and prototypes for your users.

What is SaaS software?

SaaS, also known as Software as a Service, delivers applications on the web as a service.

Rather than install, download, or maintain your Software, you can easily access these applications on the web, making you skip the rigor of maintaining hardware.

SaaS software is also known as cloud-based Software, web-based Software, or hosted Software. It is managed on SaaS providers’ servers and solves many businesses’ and organizations’ challenges. It automates processes to increase the organization’s productivity and efficiency.

5 efficient SaaS software to deliver better products/prototypes to your users

As a designer, business owner, and marketer, you need the help of specific SaaS software to run your products more efficiently. See the top 5 SaaS software you can start using to get results on your products and prototypes below.

1. Maze


Maze is for every product designer who wants to get fast and accurate feedback on products when running tests.

Rather than spend hours running tests on the prototypes you create, you can use the Maze testing tool to run usability tests on your products and prototypes to know how well they work in minutes.

Manually testing your products consumes time and effort.  It often comes with inconsistencies and errors, but you can gain real and accurate feedback on every prototype, copy, and product you test with Maze SaaS software.

Maze software was designed to give designers easy access to accurate data when developing products and prototypes, and it does this job perfectly. Designers who use Maze get rapid feedback on the test they run to improve their products and prototypes.

A meaningful way to improve your products and prototypes is to deliver a good user experience on every product you develop. However, you can’t do this effectively if you do not have efficient software to help.

Maze helps you evaluate your products and gives you actionable feedback on how your users use your product.

It evaluates how usable your websites and applications are and how well they meet their intended purpose. You can then work with the information Maze provides you to create better user experiences for your users.

Maze offers high intuitiveness. It is easy to use, and you do not need any technical experience to get started with it. You can easily create a Maze, run surveys and usability tests, then share them with your users with just one click.

Maze lets you give the rest of your team access to your prototypes, surveys, and products for better collaboration. In addition, your team can view products’ progress and review updates to deliver enjoyable user experiences for your users.

Want to learn more about delivering excellent user experiences? A good user experience design guide will help.

2. Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker


Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker is a functional collaborative SaaS software for design. It helps you to give reports and feedback to your team in the most engaging way possible.

Rather than deliver the results of your products and prototypes through long texts that may bore your stakeholders and team, you can use the Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker to convert boring texts into digestible formats.

When you want to introduce the different products and services you offer to your clients, the Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker comes in handy.

It enables you to highlight the pros and cons of every product you offer to your clients, so they can select the product that works for them.

You can also educate your client on the dos and don’ts of your products, which guides them to use your products the right way to acquire expected results.

Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker lets you customize your designs, so they can stand out wherever they are to represent your brand and what you stand for as a business.

You can easily integrate your brand colors and fonts, and you can select from a wide range of images and icons to give every report and presentation you create more life.

You also won’t have to spend tons of hours designing your reports, feedback, or posts; Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker is easy to use and comes with customizable templates to get your designs ready in minutes.

3. Leady


Leady is a lead generation SaaS software that helps you acquire leads on your website.

Converting your leads to customers can be tough when you do not have the right insights to work with. But with Leady, sales conversion is easier because it identifies your most qualified leads and gives you reports on them.

Leady puts you on the right track to attract and retain your best customers.

Rather than invest your time and efforts in chasing prospects who aren’t ready to do business with you, Leady shows you prospects who are ready for business so that you can channel your time and effort at them for faster sales conversion.

Leady also comes with a feature that helps you identify how your users work with your application. With this insight, you can improve your users’ interaction with your apps, increasing your sales conversion and reducing your churn rate.

4. LambdaTest


As a designer who develops products like websites and website applications, LambdaTest SaaS software is a must-have tool.

LambdaTest is a cloud-based, cross-browser testing platform that enables compatibility testing.

You can run your website and website applications on over 2000 browsers to test their intuitiveness, functionality, and usability.

LambdaTest ensures your websites and website applications are accessible to everyone on every device and operating system by providing you with a wide range of browsers to test your products.

It lets you know what browsers your website and website applications work best on and the browsers they are not responsive on, so you can make the needed improvements to make your website and website applications accessible to every user.

5. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is an efficient SaaS Software to gain real-time updates and analytics on your products.

It gives you the updates you need to identify quality leads, turn customers who use your products on trials into paying customers and reduces the rate of users who stop using your products.

Whether you develop applications or websites, you need analytics that tell you exactly how your users interact with your products,  and Kissmetrics does just that.

With Kissmetrics analytics, you can drive strategies to improve your products for increased leads and conversions.

Benefits of SaaS

Why should you use SaaS software to enhance your products and prototypes instead of taking the manual approach? Find out below.

1. It saves you time and effort

SaaS software is a great way to increase your productivity because it helps you save time and effort to get more things done.

It helps you automate many processes, so you do not have to go through manual procedures that are rigorous and time-consuming.

2. It helps you understand your users better

SaaS software serves as a roadmap that guides you on how to improve your prototypes and products to satisfy your customers.

For example, Maze software helps you conduct usability testing to test your prototypes and products to give you insights and updates on your users’ challenges with your website and applications.

These insights help guide you to develop new ways to improve your products and prototypes to better serve your customers.

3. It helps with effective collaboration and project management

Specific SaaS software lets you efficiently collaborate with your team and manage your projects better.  For example, with SaaS software like Piktochart Comparison Chart Maker, you can share feedback on a product you are working on.

It also helps you appear more professional by enabling you to convey your products’ features and benefits in an organized and engaging way.


SaaS software is crucial to improving your products and prototypes as designers, marketers, or business owners.

It gives you insight into your customers’ needs, facilitates faster product and prototype improvement, and enables you to collaborate as a team effectively, among other benefits. This article discussed the top five SaaS software to use for your products and prototypes improvement.

Explore the functional  SaaS software discussed in this article to see instant improvements on your products and prototypes.