5 reasons to invest in test automation during COVID-19


Software testing is an integral part of the development process for all companies who build software, applications, or any products. They invest heavily in testing to ensure that all components in the new application provide desired outputs without any loopholes or bugs in the final product. Testing is necessary for QA engineers to point out the defects and errors made during the development phases.

Until recently, software companies manually executed testing processes to identify the bugs, issues, and defects in their software applications without using automated tools.

Although it is the most primitive technique of all testing types because of the slow, expensive, and erroneous human factors, manual testing comes with certain advantages since it is ideal and even reliable for applications with short and continuously changing lifecycle.

Manual testing does not require knowledge of any testing tool and requires less time and expense to begin productive manual testing and even change the course in the middle of a test run, in accordance with the project movement. Besides, it gives real-time feedback.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 has changed the software testing landscape overnight, impacting software testing professionals and businesses alike. The pandemic has left companies with several new challenges like setting up their QA testing teams at home and managing to continually test and release high-quality digital experiences.

This has accelerated a transition to automated testing to increase speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reusability, test coverage, quality, etc. This article will explain five reasons to prove the efficacy of test automation amid COVID-19.

1. Test automation improves the speed of the feedback cycle

Test automation serves the purpose of speeding up the feedback cycle, helping you with faster validation. For the newly developed features or integrations, the businesses usually prefer automated testing as the traditional measures take a lot of time in the process.

Test automation is quite beneficial as you will detect the bugs, errors, and problems in the product right during its development phase. Hence, it adds more efficiency to the end product, and the team can integrate better development measures to make it error-free. Due to the pandemic, you need to improve the feedback cycle to incorporate the features onto your end-product without bugs and errors to ensure high-end performance.

2. Saves a lot of time

Amidst the pandemic, you cannot expect to take a lot of time to regain your market presence. You need to speed up the testing process to launch the new application or software right away. Therefore, integrating the automated testing will help you speed up the validation process, which will save you a lot of time in the overall process.

Moreover, the automated testing feature enables seamless communication with the departments such as design, product, or marketing who need the test results for progressing with their designated job. The departments who have been given the access can check the logs for verifying the automated tests to know about the whereabouts of the application, software, or features.

3. Control your overall business expenses

The COVID pandemic has not just impacted the business process but has also impacted financially. Therefore, finding ways to save business expenses is quite feasible as you might need to invest the saved money in something more productive. You can save a considerable amount of money by adapting automated testing other than the traditional mode of testing. With the adaptation of automated testing, you will need fewer resources for testing the product.

As compared to manual testing, you can save a lot of business expenses by evolving your testing process for the big project. You just need to pay a one-time payment for setting up the automated testing environment and get the required tools for the same. But it is worth the investment as you will be able to give a kick start to your resuming business.

4. Customer satisfaction on priority

The best part about seeking automated testing techniques is to ensure customer satisfaction on priority as people are more onto the internet and are well aware of the true efficiency of the high-end functioning products. Therefore, you cannot force a consumer to buy your product if it does not function well and consists of bugs and errors.

Therefore, automated testing has the right aspects to check on the application, software, or feature-rich products. Moreover, the company’s reputation depends on customer satisfaction. If you can offer quality software to your customers, you would eventually give them a better user experience, adding to your business reputation.

If you plan on giving your customer poor software or application that is testing their patience with slower loading and performance, you might lose the customer. So, it is always better to fix the software’s potential problems before you make it live for the customers. When you offer a quality product to the customer, they admire your loyalty and eventually spread the good word.

5. Automated testing makes the process productive

Most of the small-sized businesses are in a dilemma that automated testing speeds up the testing process. But it is not the case as automating the testing procedure makes it more precise and detailed without rushing with identifying the problems to hand it over to the fixing team.

Automated testing makes it possible for you to commence with the testing process right at the development phase. It means that by the time developers complete one bit of the software or application, you can integrate it for automated testing to identify the bugs and errors in it. Combining the automated testing procedure makes your application or software productive by all means for the clients, team members, and, eventually, the users.


These are the five best reasons that will explain the necessity of investing in testing automation for software development companies to ensure that their product is optimal for the targeted audience for seamless use. If you are running a business and offering software to the consumers, you need to ensure that the performance is optimal. For ensuring that, you need to consider integrating automated testing on priority.

About the author: Parimal Kumar is a technical expert from the mind and is well versed in writing skills to portray his thoughts about the technological environment. He is fond of software and technologies that motivate him to learn more about the fundamentals within. He has spent years learning and mastering the technical ideologies to replicate the same into an informative article for the new business owners, software developers, and software testers to know more about the development and testing process in detail.