5 tips to create awesome marketing presentations for startups


Marketing plays an essential part in our everyday lives. Because of marketing, businesses grow and create an impact on the economy and society. Our whole economies run on the marketing of products and services.

The traditional marketing professionals used to be very good at spot presentations while also providing samples and flyers.

However, the situation has changed a significant lot. Those spot presentation skills don’t work that much in modern times. The market has expanded, and competition has reached the sky. As a result, companies have to rely on technology- digital marketing strategies to close the competition and reach as many people as possible.

Essential tips for an effective marketing presentation

We all have to follow some fundamentals while successfully presenting an idea, from being able to talk confidently to a room full of people to using Google slides and PowerPoint roadmap templates. There are also some guidelines. So, here are some tips on presenting and impressing your superiors and clients alike.

1. Attention

Unless you grab the attention of the people you are presenting, your presentation will make an impact. There are many ways to ignite engagement to what you are saying – starting with a dramatic remark is a great example. A provoking comment about the contemporary marketing scene may catch people off guard. This can be a great path to use as leverage for your presentation.

2. Story backed by facts and data

Once you have grabbed the listeners’ attention, you may start using a story and back it up with current data and facts. Using that story with data will help you come to the idea more efficiently and let you pitch your vision even more clearly. This strategy works best when you have a story that people and clients find relatable, something from daily life which can be a deciding factor for the choices one makes. Introducing a fictional character who has problems will work even better. It is because only you have the solutions to the character’s problems.

3. Less content on the slide

Whenever you explain your idea, it becomes evident that you’ll be using slides to back up your claims. Usage of slides is a rudimentary method in the presentation process. But it may sometimes become unclear and fog up your ideas rather than clearing them up. For example, using too many slides or showing too much content on a single slide may make the presentation awkward. People may find it hard to grasp all the content and relate that with your claims – that can become counter-productive and an obstacle to a successful presentation—relying more on your words and using less. But accurate content for the slides does the job much better. Try to follow the 5-5-5 or the Billboard rule for maximum influence.

4. Make yourself known to the audience

The audience needs to know you before the presentation process starts. It may include your qualifications and your current post, which may add gravity to your statements and claims. For example, think about a graduate and a college professor. Both may possess the same knowledge over a subject, but the professor’s words will have more credibility. Do not provide too much or irrelevant information about you that may impact the presentation and cloud the audience’s judgment.

5. Humor

Who says humor in the workplace is bad? It’s quite the opposite. We can elaborate on that without referring to a popular TV show, but the humor makes the presentation more enjoyable. Throwing in-jokes and memes where it suits will be the perfect thing to impress the audience. Although, humor is a great weapon if used wisely. Stay away from making controversial jokes, as that can make the whole presentation miss the point. Also, it is better not to joke when you are coming to the main idea and talking numbers. Avoid showing memes and gifs while showing data on slides.

As the marketing industry heavily relies on modern technology, having better tech will certainly give you an edge over other competitors. Market analysis is a tough task, so you should only depend on experts who provide state-of-the-art solutions to all your marketing needs.

Many legitimate agencies/companies are known to be the best when it comes to that. They have a lot under their hood – from robotics to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. All these tools can be very effective for sharing knowledge among various fields of marketing. So if you want to take your marketing company to new heights, having them by your side will be one of your wisest decisions.


Presenting is comparatively easy, but creating an impact is hard. Fortunately, following the fundamentals and occasionally letting your guard down, including vulnerability and emotions, is the right path to success.