AI in Advertising – Benefits and best AI advertising tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the single most crucial innovation shaping the future of the several industries globally, and advertising is one of them. The immediate benefit of AI advertising is that it takes up all hard work from the advertisers, starting from targeting, budget allocation, and increasing performance, and frees them to pay attention to strategic tasks.

By processing more data faster than the human mind, AI advertising enhances our ability to identify the best possible interests, keywords, custom affinities, and targeting segments to create the perfect targeting plans and deliver better advertising to the right customer.

AI advertising lowers the ad costs as it efficiently shifts the budget to more effective ad campaigns in real-time while pausing less effective ones. Besides, it provides real-time feedback, which can be turned into actionable campaign adjustments, such as in-flight improvements to bid and budget allocation.

Before we look at some of the top AI tools for advertising, we will quickly summarize the benefits of AI in advertising.

Benefits of AI in advertising

  • AI dramatically improves the advertising performance because of better personalization based on customer interests, context, preference, location, and demographics.
  • AI enables advertisers to understand consumer behavior to help determine the best message for its time and place. It optimizes ads to be shown only to relevant users, providing better results and user experience, as fewer ads are displayed to people who aren’t interested in them.
  • AI offers a more granular analysis than rules-based systems for segmentation, channel selection, and messaging optimisation. AI can analyze billions of data points every day, so it can discover statistically significant trends in how consumers behave and what strategies will be most effective.
  • It reduces costs by acting on that data faster and automatically. It also lowers the time cost of planning and target profiling. It increases the privacy of user data so more data streams can be handled and matched. Besides, AI improves the level of automation in advertising.

Best AI advertising tools in the market

1. Smartly

Smartly is an AI and machine learning platform which helps advertisers automate and optimize their campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The tool not only automates ad production and ad buying, but enables creative and performance teams to collaborate, produce, test, and launch the best performing ads. It has a clean and easy to use interface along with the cool creative template, iteration tools, library, action-based triggers, and other tools for automated prospecting, retargeting campaigns, A/B-testing, etc.

2. Revealbot

Revealbot is an advanced AI-powered ads automation tool for Facebook, Google, and Snapchat. Fully-integrated into the business chat tool Slack, it helps advertisers create dozens of ad variations and auto-manage them by using pre-defined rules. Revealbot automatically tracks ROAS, CPA, and other Facebook Pixel metrics and optimizes your ads according to these custom rules. It is easy to pause or boost ads, adjust budgets and bids as often as every 15 minutes. You can get alerts via email or Slack, when a rule is triggered or when a specific benchmark is achieved. It supports Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Mailchimp, etc.

3. Zalster

Zalster is another AI-powered automation tool for ad campaigns. Its AI algorithms can optimize the advertiser’s bids, budgets, target groups, and advertisements, and deliver the best possible results. It reallocates your time towards more strategic planning and campaign creation, while data-driven automation takes care of your day-to-day performance, around the clock. Suitable for e-commerce websites, the tool has a comprehensive dashboard that visualizes all metrics you need to know.

4. ReFUEL4

ReFUEL4 is another AI-powered tool with all necessary features every advertiser needs for displaying ads on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. ReFUEL4 uses AI to predict the performance of the campaign and automatically replaces the ad with a new ad. The tool uses a vast network of freelancers who specialize in ad creatives. Its predictive analytics features use computer vision algorithms to forecast the ad’s success based on design, such as styling or color, target audience data, and historical data of similar ads. The algorithms have an 87 percent accuracy and provide more precise results in A/B testing.

5. Aitarget

Aitarget utilizes AI to analyze, optimize, and scale ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It allows advertisers to manage their bids, budgets, and complex campaigns involving numerous creatives, locations, and audiences. Aitarget enables you to run ad campaigns in four easy steps: Choose your campaign goal, set up a budget, select targeting settings, and upload your creatives. It is also easy to build automation strategies with flexible rules of any complexity, set logical conditions with operators, and add tags to the rules to create additional rules. You can manage your ads automatically, keep your ad bid and budget under control, and scale your campaigns.

6. Trapica

Trapica is an AI-powered ad targeting and optimization platform for Facebook, Instagram, AdWords, Twitter, and LinkedIn. One of the most sought after tools, Trapica is designed to identify which ad works and which doesn’t automatically. It can analyze thousands of real-time conversion events from campaigns and find the best-suited target groups. Trapica also provides other features such as revenue forecasting, detailed target group analysis, detailed data-driven attribution models, cross-platform campaigns, etc.