Learn robotics programming online for free with iRobot

Are you looking for an online platform that helps you learn robotics programming and coding for free? Introducing iRobot Education, which provides parents and educators with free access to programming tools, educational robots, and online resources to inspire the next generation of roboticists, programmers, engineers, and scientists.

Launched by leading consumer robots company iRobot, which designs and builds home robots such as the Roomba and the Braava family of mopping robots, iRobot Education brings together an array of education-based products and services that include its brand new free proprietary iRobot Coding platform, the Root Coding Robot, Create 2 Programmable Robot, and an online learning library that offers access to hours of free tutorials and projects.

iRobot Coding allows users to build their coding skills virtually as well as through the Root Coding Robot, an easy-to-use educational robot designed for teaching coding and problem-solving. The free online platform lets users control a robot simulator, allowing students to understand coding lessons and build their coding skills.

The coding platform features three learning levels – graphical coding, hybrid coding, and full-text coding. The auto-level converter instantly translates code from one learning level to another, making it easy for beginners, but at the same time challenging enough for experienced coders.

The users can access the coding platform on all Android, Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, and macOS devices at code.irobot.com.

If you own a Root Coding Robot, the platform can bring the code to life by connecting to the robot and having Root carry out a user’s instructions.

The online learning library offers access to hours of free tutorials, projects, and activities to encourage student learning. Premium lessons modeled after educational standards, such as CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, are available on a paid subscription basis. Until June 1, 2020, use the code “LEARN” for free access to the paid subscription.

“With students and teachers nationwide currently homebound, virtual learning resources, educational content, and tools have never been more important,” said Colin Angle, chairman, and CEO of iRobot. “We hope that the free lessons and coding platform that iRobot Education provides will help facilitate new opportunities for teachers and students while they are outside of the traditional classroom environment. The launch of iRobot Education and expansion of our educational offerings coincide with National Robotics Week, a time when kids, parents, and teachers across the nation are tapping into the excitement of robotics for STEM learning.”

iRobot’s STEM Outreach program uses education, technology, and volunteerism to bring STEM subjects and robotics to life for all students through real-world examples and learning opportunities. To increase engagement in STEM-subjects, the program provides visits to schools and educational groups, hosts educational group tours of iRobot’s ‘Cool Stuff’ museum, and organizes signature events like National Robotics Week. Job shadow, career, and mentorship opportunities also provide support for students interested in pursuing STEM-related careers.

Backed by 30 years of expertise building and programming robots, iRobot has created the “home robot cleaning” category in 2020 with the introduction of its Roomba Robot Vacuum. Till today, the company has sold more than 30 million robots worldwide. iRobot’s product line features proprietary technologies and advanced concepts in cleaning, mapping, and navigation. iRobot engineers are currently building an ecosystem of robots to enable the smart home.