Top 15 machine learning startups to watch in 2023 [Updated]

The acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), led by new machine learning techniques, has led to a boom in the startup world, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact continues to ripple across societies, markets, and lives.

Several machine learning startups and organizations across sectors are emerging each year, taking advantage of the increased attention on the digital economy and the potential of AI. They offer innovative solutions to make their operations nimbler and more efficient and respond to dramatic fluctuations in demand and customer expectations.

In this post, we at Edujungles, which helps professionals establish their own startups with slide presentations, business proposals, or websites, explore some of the top machine learning startups to watch in 2021 for you to be inspired and get fresh ideas.


One of the top AI companies,, aims to make business management convenient for its users or partners. It is a conversational marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence. Having the Sales and Marketing teams in mind, the company has created this platform to automatically work on the lead qualification, scoring, and nurture process. Through two-way, automated conversations over chat and email, the sales representatives will not miss other vital tasks anymore. It also reduces the possibility of committing errors and repeating actions that can hamper the transactions between the involved parties. Because of this, they have more time to have phone calls and presentations with actual clients.

2. Argo

Because of economic struggles, more people are choosing to live in the cities. To live more comfortably, some opt to own cars that can help them get to places. However, with the growing number of vehicles every year, it is becoming more difficult for pedestrians and bicyclists to move around. It also results in increased traffic accidents and fatalities, which could have been prevented. With this idea in mind, Argo created their self-driving technology. As one of the best artificial intelligence startups, they have partnered with several automakers to incorporate Argo AI in their products. Through this technology, they aim to make people who live in cities feel more safe and comfortable.

3. Overwrite

Due to the pandemic, almost all students are going through online classes. While this appears convenient, it poses some problems for students. Because they are not receiving one-on-one coaching and guidance from their teachers, individualized learning seems to be out of the picture.

To address this concern, Overwrite provided an adaptive learning platform for students. This artificial intelligence startup idea is revolutionizing remote learning by making it personalized. They do this by giving the student a learning route based on assessing their needs, behaviors, and characteristics. This is advantageous for students, whether struggling or not, because it can help them learn more efficiently. Despite not meeting teachers personally, students can still maximize their time and skills through this.

4. Delta AI

With almost everyone having at least one social media account, the internet has become a common space for sharing. Users can now share a wide range of varied content, from food to gadgets, from clothes to appliances. Through texts, photos, and videos, they reveal what they use and buy. It is easy to use texts and images to survey how products are used, but this is not the case for videos.

Therefore, Delta AI, one of the sought-after artificial intelligence startups, has developed a technology for this obstacle. It uses advanced computer vision technology to understand how a product is used in a natural context. Through this, companies can have a different approach to understanding future clients based on their daily use.

5. BigML

Machine learning (ML) delves into the use of data and algorithms to emulate how humans learn. By constantly developing and inputting data, it improves its accuracy, thus serving its purpose better. Because of the good advantages of this technology, several companies have taken this track to provide better services to consumers.

Knowing how machine learning will benefit businesses worldwide, BigML made this technology more accessible and functional. It is one of the leading machine learning companies that offer several primary ML resources to help solve complex tasks. Besides its resources, it promotes ML through its education program to inform and educate people about this innovation.

6. Reekon

Reekon is an AI startup that provides a solution for customer inquiries and e-tickers on e-commerce platforms. It studies customers’ past questions and historical data to look for the best solution for new concerns. Moreover, it categorizes and assigns customer queries to the most suitable and available personnel to address them accordingly. Lastly, it automates the customers’ requests, like issuing refunds, managing orders, and registering claims. To reach more people, it integrates with several customer service platforms, such as WooCommerce and FreshDesk.

7. Savvie

There are tons of food being thrown in the trash every day, and they end up in landfills instead of being eaten. Because food is one of the biggest waste contributors, Savvie has created a bakeries and cafe owners platform. This data science startup aims to help entrepreneurs boost their profitability and maximize their operations while reducing waste. They leverage ML algorithms and data and incorporate insights in their field to give sales predictions. This way, the owners will know how much goods to order, ultimately reducing their food waste.

8. Luminance

Focused on assisting lawyers and legal experts, Luminance uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning for document reviewing. It is a deep learning startup that developed a technology that can read and analyze the given documents. Besides this, it works across the entire data set to provide the lawyers the confidence that there is no missed document or clause. Because of these features, it has provided substantial help to those working in the legal profession.

9. is a startup that seeks to help companies in the United States and Canada to handle their Research and Development (R&D) costs. Through their platform, engineers and accountants maximize their refunds without addressing the paperwork. As a result, they also get more money and reduce audit risks, which helps them have more funds for their R&D.

10. Databand

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Databand is a startup that provides an observability platform for ML development. It was founded by Joshua Benamram, Victor Shafran, and Evgeny Shulman in 2018. Because monitoring data pipeline health is crucial, Databand has made a platform to enable users to produce analytics. Moreover, it helps data engineers ensure that their stakeholders are satisfied by ensuring that their data meets the standards. Because they handle multiple tools for data managing, they may encounter problems. Therefore, this platform bridges the gap and provides them a concrete solution to monitor resource consumption.

11. SkyHive

Have you ever bought food from a fast-food restaurant or a convenience store without interacting with a cashier staff? If yes, you might wonder what happens to those who previously worked for those services. Because of automation like this, many employees are being displaced from jobs that humans once did. To resolve this emerging problem, SkyHive developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. It is one of the top AI companies based in Vancouver, Canada, with Sean Hinton as its founder. As a company, it delivers insights into labor markets and industries to reskill its workforce. Through their platform, they can reduce unemployment and underemployment and develop the skills of the current employees.

12. Particle

Particle is an edge-to-cloud platform that businesses around the world can use. Moreover, it maximizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to help companies reprogram their machines and products. Since its launching in 2013, it has become the most widely used IoT platform. Intending to reprogram things to make life easier, it now supports 8,500 companies and 250,00 developers and engineers worldwide. This includes startup companies and organizations, such as Opti, Watsco, Jacuzzi, Continental Tires, and Shifted Energy.

13. RideVision

Driving a motorcycle can be dangerous for several reasons. To reduce the harm brought by unforeseen collisions, the founders Uri Lavi and Lior Cohen made RideVision. Using artificial intelligence and image-recognition technology, they created a system where the rider attaches two small cameras mounted on the rear and front of the vehicle. Afterward, he or she will connect it to an app that will give notifications about their surroundings. Through this technology, riders can now feel safer and more confident to drive their motorcycles. Indeed, it has revolutionized the motorcycle safety industry by using available innovations.

14. LeadGenius

LeadGenius uses Ai to give Business-to-Business (B2) lead information to help their clients achieve their goals. They aim to make a connection between sales and marketing organizations through personalized data sets. Through this innovation, their clients can expand their global revenue. Moreover, they have developed a technology where every project is assigned a data scientist and account manager to achieve the best results. It is one of the deep learning public companies aiming to help companies plan and act based on their customer data.


Being stuck in a job you do not like is one of the worst feelings in the world. Not only will you feel unsatisfied with your work, but you will also underperform because of this feeling. Using artificial intelligence, aims to find the right career for everyone in the world. Their platform maximizes this technology to maintain the number of performing employees, enhance the skills of their workers, and hire the appropriate people only. Founded by Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kacholia, this company uses the team’s experiences and expertise to provide contentment to people through employment.

In conclusion, several artificial intelligence startups are promising. Besides the 15 companies mentioned above, Retention Science found in Crunchbase is also worth considering. Not only do these companies intend to help people, but they also inspire others to achieve their entrepreneurship goals.