Why personal translation services are much better than automatic tools


Translation services and tools can be vital to businesses in various ways. You may need to communicate with a customer about a purchase or complaint, provide promotional or marketing materials to international audiences, etc.

Many businesses use free automatic tools for their translation needs. This may seem like the cost-effective way to go, but it can cost you more if the translation is incorrect, as is often the case. Here we will discuss why personal translation services are more beneficial to use than automatic tools.

Get The Translation Right The First Time

The more times you have to retranslate a text, the more it will cost you. If you use free tools, the cost may come in other areas. For instance, if you mistranslate sales or promotional materials in a culturally insensitive way, you could damage your reputation in overseas markets. Choosing a personal translation service can ensure that you get the correct translation the first time, meaning there’ll be no costly rewrites or harm to your reputation.

Improving International Business Relations

For correspondence between businesses with a language barrier, it is crucial to get the translation correct. Inaccurate or offensive translations could lead to business deals falling through or inaccuracy in an agreement. While free auto translators can often help get the gist of the translation, for business relations, it is vital to use a professional service that will protect you and your business partners.

Translate Specialised Content

If you have technical or niche content to translate, this can cause issues for automatic translation tools. They may not catch the nuance or finer details that a human translator will. Getting specialized content translated correctly is crucial for your customers to get the correct information from your content.

Being Culturally Appropriate

There are a lot of idioms that become meaningless when translated directly. In some cases, common and acceptable phrasing in one language can become offensive in another language if translated literally. You will need a human to understand the nuance and context of the content. Using a translator with extensive knowledge of the everyday and accepted use of language for your target audience is crucial to ensure that you aren’t unknowingly inappropriate.

Create Effective Marketing Materials

Marketing is a crucial tool for any business, and if you have customers that speak a range of languages, you must translate your marketing materials correctly. You will need a company that knows the best way to translate the nuance and story your marketing materials are trying to get across.

If you want to get your point across to international clients, you must use a marketing translation service that understands the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Saving Money Over Time

The more frequently a piece of content has to be retranslated, the more it will cost you. It can cost your business if you have to take down product listings or promotional materials due to inaccurate translations. As mentioned above, it can also cost you in reputation.

Getting translations right the first time can also help generate more income. A well-written piece of content is more likely to attract customers, and it will show overseas customers that you care enough about winning them as customers to ensure a top-tier translation.

Giving The Right Context

Computers can do a lot, but there is a definite need for a human touch in context. Literal translations provided by automatic tools can often result in the incorrect context. A human translator from a professional translation service will be able to make sense of the context of your content and ensure that this is appropriately portrayed in the translated text.

Achieving The Right Tone

The tone is another thing that computer translators struggle to convey in their translations. You will be able to explain to a human translator the kind of tone and style of writing that you’re looking to convey. They will then be able to translate the content you give them in the style you want to put across. Human translators with extensive experience in the language and culture in question will also advise the tone that will come across well for your target audience.

Ensuring Your Duty Of Care Is Fulfilled

Duty of care is a serious responsibility for businesses that provide products and services to consumers. This is one issue with automatic translations that could get you in serious trouble if the translation is inaccurate. Any safety or other regulated content should be correctly translated to ensure that consumers use your products safely. Again, if this is the case with your content, you should ensure you find a professional translation service that will do the work correctly.