6 tips for automating your firearm production line


When it comes to running a firearm company, precision and quality are key. Remember that firearms are used by various armed forces, usually put through the worst conditions. Therefore, if you are going to run a firearm company, you must automate key parts of your production. This will speed up the process and ensure that all your products are of the best quality possible. Here are 6 tips for automating your firearm company.

1. Systematize your Production Lines

Before you build your firearm production line, you must systematize every aspect of it. Remember that every second count in an automated production line. If one section is lagging, then the whole production line will lag as well.

So before you start constructing your production line, it is a good idea to divide all the sections according to work. For example, you could set one section as the component manufacturing section, then another section as the assembly section, then another as the quality testing and packing section. By doing so, you will be able to minimize the chances of error throughout the production line.

2. Minimize your Number of Human Workers

If you are going to automate your production line, it is a good idea to minimize your number of human workers. While an experienced human worker could do well on the production line, he or she could never really contend with an automated system.

Human workers are usually not as accurate or effective as robot arms. They are also prone to errors and fatigue. On the other hand, if you use human workers, you could be assured that the job will be done in record time. Yet another reason you should avoid hiring human workers is that they cost more to hire. They take some time to learn the ropes. They also need to take lunch breaks and have vacation leaves. You will also need to pay for their insurance and their health benefits. By minimizing your number of human workers, you will save money in the long run.

3. Utilize Master Molds

When you run an automated production line, you must utilize master molds throughout the whole process. Remember that each firearm component, from the barrel to the stock, needs to be as standardized as possible. This is where the master molds come into play. A master mold is a primary mold for all your product’s components.

RYD utilizes hot runner injection molding to create a myriad of components with a very short turnaround. This feature is very effective because you will need to create new parts as fast as possible. For example, with a master mold, you could create a myriad of gun parts in a matter of seconds. So if you are interested in molds for your gun parts, you should check out RDY.  They have a wide variety of molding options for you.

4. Invest in Robot Arms

Aside from master molds, robot arms are yet another essential to mass-producing quality firearms. These robotic limbs are extremely advanced and could be used to make the production line more streamlined. Robot arms are highly precise, and they could fulfill a variety of roles. The key advantage of using robot arms in your production lines is that they are impervious to fatigue. While human workers could get tired during a long workday, the robot arm does not get tired at all. All it needs is regular maintenance, and it could work for hours on end.

They are also highly versatile and could work on various functions such as assembly and packing. Robot arms are also extremely fast and strong, and they could fulfill a wide variety of tasks in record time.

5. Use Production Line Software to Speed up the process

While you will need some human workers to manually control some of the machines, you should invest in production line software for your robot arms.  By utilizing production line software, you could ensure that the whole production system is as streamlined as possible.

Robot arms require software because they need a choreographed set of movements to follow to work as efficiently as possible. Luckily it is easy for a robotics specialist to create a program for your production lines.

6. Quality Control is Key

When it comes to creating any type of product, quality control is very important. However, you should remember that your product is firearms. They will be used in combat situations, and if they are jammed or are difficult to reload because the components are not well constructed, then the user will be put in a very dangerous situation. Therefore, your production line must follow an efficient quality control system. This will help ensure that all the guns you sell are top-quality.

Before any type of firearm is given the go sign, it should be cleaned thoroughly and tested multiple times for jamming and reload speed. In this instance, you could have a specialized set of robot arms do the testing. However, you should remember that human hands will be handling the weapon. In this instance, human workers should test it out.  You should have a trained marksman ready to test out the sights on each and every one of your guns. This might seem a bit tedious; however, it is necessary to want your guns to be in the best condition possible.


If you are going to run a successful firearm company, you must optimize key aspects of your forearm company. With these tips, you’ll be able to automate your firearm company.